Jennifer L. Barreto, PhD

Graduate Program Coordinator
Jennifer L. Barreto, PhD

Research Interests

Behavioral Neuroscience, Neuroendocrinology, Neural Basis of Drug Addiction.

Our laboratory has developed two main research projects that investigate the neurobiology aspects of behavior. The first project studies the behavior under the influence of hormones, while the second one studies behavior during drug addiction. For these studies, we use mice and rats as (pre-clinical) animal models.

For hormones and behavior, we study the effect of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) in different behavioral components, including reproductive-related behaviors, anxiety, learning & memory, and addiction. We are also interested in determining the cellular and molecular mechanisms that occur in the brain after the presence of supraphysiological doses of AAS.

Our second project studies the effect of deep brain stimulation (DBS) in morphine addiction. We have tested high and low-DBS frequencies aimed at the nucleus accumbens of the brain to determine the possible beneficial effects for the extinction of drug-associated behaviors. We would also like to note that this project has a molecular component, to determine the biological substrates underlying the effects of DBS. Results from this study might represent a potential adjunct for extinction-based therapies for treatment-refractory opioid addicts.

Selected Publications:

  • Martinez-Rivera FJ, Martinez NA, Martinez M, Ayala-Pagan RN, Silva WI, Barreto-Estrada, JL. Neuroplasticity transcript profile of the ventral striatum in the extinction of opioid-induced place preference. Neurobiol Learn Mem 163(2019).
  • Martínez-Rivera, F.J., Barreto-Estrada, J.L. Reply to: Does High-frequency Deep Brain Stimulation in dorsal regions of the ventral striatum impair extinction of morphine-induced place preference? Biol Psychiatry. 2018; 83(1).
  • Martínez-Rivera FJ, Pérez-Laspiur J, Santiago-Gascot ME, Alemán-Reyes AG, García-Santiago E, Rodríguez-Pérez Y, Calo-Guadalupe C, Otero-Pagán I, Ayala-Pagán RN, Martínez M, Cantres-Rosario YM, Meléndez LM, Barreto-Estrada JL. Differential protein expression profile in the hypothalamic GT1-7 cell line after exposure to anabolic androgenic steroids. PLos One. 2017;12(7) PMCID: PMC5515402.
  • Martínez-Rivera, F.J., Rodriguez-Romaguera, J., Lloret-Torres, M.E., Do Monte, F.H., Quirk,G.J., Barreto-Estrada, J.L. Bidirectional modulation of extinction of drug seeking by deep brain stimulation of the ventral striatum. Biol Psychiatry. 2016; 80(9):682-690.
  • Martínez-Rivera FL, Natal-Albelo EJ, Martinez NA, Orozco-Vega RA, Muñiz-Seda OA, Barreto-Estrada JL (2015) The effect of the anabolic steroid, nandrolone, in conditioned place preference and D1 dopamine receptor expression in adolescent and adult mice. Behavioural Processes, in press.
  • Ramos-Pratts K*, Rosa-González D, Pérez-Acevedo NL, Cintrón-López D, Barreto-Estrada JL.(2013) Sex-specific effect of the anabolic steroid, 17α-methyltestosterone, on inhibitory avoidance learning in periadolescent rats. Behav Processes. 99:73-80.
  • Acevedo P, Jorge JC, Cruz-Sánchez A, Amy E, Barreto-Estrada JL. (2011) A ten-year assessment of anabolic steroid misuse among competitive athletes in Puerto Rico. West Indian Med J 60(5):531-535.
  • Sánchez-Montoya, E., Hernández, L., Barreto-Estrada, J.L., Ortiz, J.G., Jorge, J.C. The testosterone metabolite 3α-Diol enhances female rat sexual motivation when infused in the nucleus accumbens shell. J Sex Med. 2010; 7(11):3598-609. PMID: 20646192.
  • Parrilla-Carrero J, Figueroa O, Lugo A, García-Sosa R, Brito-Vargas P, Cruz B, Rivera M, Barreto-Estrada JL. (2009) The anabolic steroids testosterone propionate and nandrolone but not 17α-methyltestosterone induce conditioned place preference in adult mice. Drug & Alcohol Depend. 100(1-2):122-7.
  • Barreto-Estrada JL, Parrilla-Carrero J, Jorge JC. (2007) Exposure to an anabolic steroid changes female mice sexual responses according to sex partner. J Sex Med 4(4 Pt 1):878-885.
  • Barreto-Estrada Jennifer, Barreto J, Fortis-Santiago Y, Rivera-Ramos I, Fortis Santiago A, Jorge JC. (2004) Modulation of affect after chronic exposure to the anabolic steroid 17α-methyltestosterone in adult mice. Behavioral Neuroscience 118(5):1071-1079.
  • Barreto-Estrada Jennifer, Medina W, García-Arrarás JE. (2003) The morphological and biochemical response of avian embryonic sympathoadrenal cells to NGF is developmentally regulated. Developmental Brain Research 144:1-8.
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Selected abstracts/presentations:

  • Lloret-Torres M., Pagán-Ayala, R, Martínez-Rivera, F., González, L., Barreto-Estrada JL. Hyppocampal, amygdalar and accumbal BDNF in morphine extinction. Society for Neuroscience/Global Conectome (Virtual), Jan 2021 and 27th Annual Neuroscience Conference, PR Chapter (Virtual), Dec 2020.
  • Sanchez G., Lloret-Torres, M., Martínez-Rivera, F., Barreto-Estrada, JL. The effects of low-frequency deep brain stimulation (DBS) on  reinstatement of morphine place preference. Emory University Stem Research and Career Symposium, Sep 2018, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Rosa-González, D., Villafañe-Martínez, B., Ramos-Pratts, K.M., Pérez-Acevedo, N.L., Barreto-Estrada, J.L. Impaired emotional memory by acute injections of anabolic steroids in male and female adolescent rats. SfN, P.R. Chapter. San Juan, P.R. Dec 2011.
  • Silva-Gotay, A., Ramos-Pratts K., Barreto-Estrada, J.L. The anabolic steroid 17α-methyltestosterone decreased sexual play behavior in adolescent male rats. SfN, P.R. Chapter. San Juan, P.R. Dec 2011.
  • Ramos-Pratts, K.M., Huertas, A., Silva-Gotay, A., Parrilla- Carrero, J., Roig-López, J.L. Barreto-Estrada, J.L. The role of the hypothalamic NPYergic circuitry in the anabolic steroid-induced rough and tumble play and sexual behavior. SfN, P.R. Chapter. San Juan, P.R. Dec 2011.
  • Brito-Vargas P, Cruz B, Parrilla-Carrero J, Figueroa O, Rivera M, Lugo A, Garcia R, Barreto-Estrada JL (2008). Class I and class II anabolic steroids, but not class III, induce conditioned place preference in adult mice. Summer-RISE Meeting. UPR-Medical Sciences Campus, San Juan, PR. Aug 1, 2008.
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