Curricular Structure Diagram

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First Level 891 – 1,079 Hours
Minimum Hours (905)

MPRI 7117Medical Histology82-100
MPRI 7119Fundamentals of Molecular Medicine99-121
MPRI 7120Human Physiology144-176
MPRI 7127Public Health, Preventive Medicine and Population Health18-22
MPRI 7130Integration Seminar I54-66
MPRI 7136Neurosciences99-121
MPRI 7137Human Behavior45-55
MPRI 7138Introduction to Clinical Skills68-82
MPRI 7139Human Development Course68-82
MPRI 7140Medical Gross Anatomy and Embriology158-192
MPRI 7145Medical Ethics: Constraints and Consequences I16-18
MPRI 7155Introduction to Principles of Clinical and Translational Research40-44

Second Level 711-863 Hours
Minimum Hours (731)

MSEG 7215Pathology and Introduction to Laboratory Medicine146-178
MSEG 7216Infectious Diseases126-154
MSEG 7217Introduction to Medical Pharmacology99-121
MSEG 7218Basic Clinical Diagnosis90-110
MSEG 7229Psychopathology36-44
MSEG 7230Mechanisms of Disease113-137
MSEG 7236Integration Seminar II49-59
MSEG 7237Fundamentals of Clinical Epidemiology and Evidence-Based Medicine36-44
MSEG 7245Medical Ethics II:  Critique and Methods16


Third Level 1,320 – 2,200 Hours
Minimum Hours (1,680)

MTER 7310Psychiatry80-240
MTER 7316Pediatrics Clerkship320-480
MTER 7318Obstetrics and Gynecology160-320
MTER 7320Introduction to Diagnostic Radio- Nuclear Medicine40-120
MTER 7325Clinical Internal Medicine400-560
MTER 7326Surgical Clinical Internship320-480

Fourth Level 644 – 956 Hours
Minimum Hours (496 + 160 of required clerkship = 656 + 160 of selective junior internship = 816 hours)

MCUA 7418Neurology40-80
MCUA 7427Public Health108-160
MCUA 7437Introduction to Clinical Physiatry40-80
MCUA 7438Dermatology40-80
MCUA 7439Ethical, Administrative, Legal and Economic Aspects of Population Health40-60
MCUA 7440Family Medicine Fourth Year Clerkship80-240
MCUA 7445Medical Ethics III: Ethical Consultation16
MCUA 7429Internal Medicine Junior Clerkship160
Selective Junior Internship:*160

Select one course of the following primary areas:

MMFA 7010Clinical Clerkship in Family Medicine80-240
MOBG 7010Applied Obstetrics and Gynecology80-240
MPED 7010General Pediatrics80-240
MPSI 7010Clerkship in Psychiatry80-240
MCIR 7010General Surgery Sub Internship80-240
MCIR 7004Trauma Surgery Sub Internship150-170
MMED 7057Emergency Medicine80-240
Elective Courses (Clinical and Basic Areas)560 **

* The student may select a course from a list of courses approved by the Curriculum Committee as their Selective Junior. These courses include: Clinical Clerkship in Family Medicine; Applied Obstetrics and Gynecology; General Pediatrics; Clerkship in Psychiatry; General Surgery Sub Internship; Trauma Surgery Sub Internship; Emergency Medicine. Students may take these courses more than once, but only one will count toward their Selective Junior requirements. If a student chooses to repeat one of these courses, credit will count toward their electives requirements. This also applies to the Required Internal Medicine Junior Clerkship.

**Minimum hours required for electives courses; students can start taking elective courses once they have completed the first level of studies and are in good academic standing.