Activity Year Sponsors and collaborators Target population Main Objectives Participants
Piñones Community Health Clinic 2011 UPR-SOM Faculty, AEMPR, AESCO and community churches General population Provide orientation and screening services to community members with emphasis activities for health promotion and disease prevention 234 people
CPR and First Aid Certification to community volunteers from the Red Cross 2011 UPR-SOM Community volunteers Increase community capacity to respond to health related emergencies 17 adults
Clinics of audiology and vision: “Niños Consentidos” 2011 Organized and sponsored by Ronald Mc Donald Foundation Children (≤18 years) Provide hearing and visual acuity evaluation to Piñones community children 0 to 18 years 35 children
Breast Cancer Screening Clinics 2011 Sponsored by Susan G. Komen Foundation Women in the Piñones/Loíza community Provide screening services for breast cancer to the Piñones Community 86 women
Workshop “Cuidando a tu pareja” 2011 Sponsored by Susan G. Komen Foundation General population Provide education to the community and caregivers about social support needs in breast cancer 17 adults



School-based garden and healthy life-style activities 2012 Multiple sponsors School community Develop a school garden and provide education about healthier lifestyles 50 children
Community-based workshops: “Tomando control de su salud” and “Manejo personal de la diabetes” 2012 PR Department of Health and PRCTRC Persons with chronic diseases Provide evidence based interventions for  chronic disease self-management in the community 41 adults
Community Health Workers Closing Community Forum March/2014 Multiple sponsors General population Educate the community about the community health workers role in the community and to provide screening and education about hypertension control 32 adults