Educators Curriculum

Learner Objectives: Faculty members who complete the workshops will be able to demonstrate:

  1. Knowledge on course/curriculum development, design, program evaluation and student evaluation.
  2. Knowledge on instructional methods and their application to different situations.
  3. Skills to incorporate an array of teaching methods in their educational experiences.
  4. Skills to incorporate technology in their educational experiences
  5. Skills to incorporate formative and summative evaluation of students in their educational experience.

Instructional Strategies: Workshops may include lectures, power-point presentations, discussions and video presentations

  1. 6 Steps in Curriculum Design
  2. How to write Goals and Objectives
  3. How to write a course Syllabus
  4. Role-Modeling
  5. How to Give Effective Feedback
  6. Using Technology in the Classroom
  7. Using Power Point to your advantage
  8. Using Excel
  9. Using SPSS
  10. Practical Measurement and Assessment Strategies
  11. Creating Formative and Summative Assessments
  12. Case Based Teaching
  13. Teaching Using Small Groups
  14. How to create appropriate Study Guides
  15. How to Write Test Items