Evaluation Methods

The Faculty Development Program is not a required curriculum for faculty members.

Therefore, evaluation of the curriculum is done in terms of evaluation of workshops by attendees.

Evaluation of faculty members is done in two ways: Faculty is evaluatedby students and residents

in their teaching and evaluating skills, including clinical teaching skills, after each course, clerkship or

clinical rotation by means of a written, confidential evaluation form. Copies of such forms are available

at the Office for Evaluation and Research of the School of Medicine.


Faculty is evaluated in leadership and research skills as part of the promotion procedures of the

School of Medicine. In addition to this, each Basic and Clinical Department has its own evaluation criteria.


The “Residents as Teachers Curriculum” will be provided to the residents through the

Faculty Development Program, but each residency program will decide which of the workshops

will be required for their residents. Residents will be evaluated in their teaching skills by the students

and fellow residents they teach. These evaluations will be part of their Residency Programs overall

evaluation and not of the Faculty Development Program. The Faculty Development Program will continue

to require evaluation of workshops by attendees.