How to organize your course list!

  1. Once you access to Blackboard at the main page in the right side of the screen, there will be a “My courses” window.
  2. At the top right side of that window click the “gear” logo when the mouse is over the window.
  3. Once inside there will be check boxes at a side of each course, Course name, Course ID, Instructors, announcements and tasks.
  4. Check the boxes with the information you want to be displayed on your “My Courses” window, the information will be displayed below the course name that was checked.
  5. Use the left check boxes to Select all or Unselect all.
  6. Press and hold mouse when the “cross arrow” logo appears on the left of the left check boxes in any course and drag it up and down where you like it.
  7. When everything is done press “Submit” in order to save your settings.

How to get access
How to update your personal information