Faculty Development Workshops 2016-2017

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Gineida Morales Guasch, EdD February 2017
ExamSoft Exam Management: An Overview Gineida Morales Guasch, EdD February 2017
Preparing the Spreadsheet for ExamSoft        Gineida Morales Guasch, EdD February 2017
Role Modeling Professionalism in Clinical Education Vilma McCarthy, MD March 2017
Learning Environment and Student Mistreatment Maribel Perez, EdD

RCM Student Ombuswoman

March 2017
Assessing Professionalism in our Students Nerian Ortíz, MD March 2017
Different styles of Feeedback Gineida Morales Guasch, EdD May 2017
Student Special Accomodations:

Equity or Imposition

Maribel Perez, EdD

RCM Student Ombuswoman

Blanca Amoros, PhD

April 207
Health Disparities and the LGBTT Population Yasmin Pedrogo, MD May 2017
Course Director’s Responsabilities Nydia Bonet, MD On-Line
Effective Meetings: How to prepare for them Gilberto Guevara, MBA, PhD ©
Funciones y Procesos de la Junta Administrativa de RCM Nydia Bonet Jordan, MD
Proceso de Evaluacion de Facultad para el Ascenso en Rango
Designing the Blueprint for your course Hilton Franqui, MD
Engaging Your Learners: Making Effective Presentations Hilton Franqui, MD
Effective Use of Distance Learning Modalities in Required Courses Hilton Franqui, MD
Doing Narrative Assessment Maria E. Padilla, MD
Turning Point Richard Britton
Teaching Clinical Skills for Medicine Students Yasmin Pedrogo, MD

Vilma McCarthy, MD

María López Quintero, MD

March 2017
Generational Diversity: Our Students Today Maria E. Padilla, MD March 2017
Evidence Based Medicine and The Pica Question Nilka De Jesús, MD March 2017
Remediation of the Stuggling Learner: The Evaluator Responsabilities Yasmin Pedrogo, MD

Nilka De Jesús, MD

Abril 2017
What is in research for me To Be announce


Designing Clinical Vignettes for Basic Courses
Designing Reflective Essays for Professionalism