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Phillip C. Specht, Ph.D. Professor. Pharmacology

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Juan Gonzalez, MD Professor. Medicine

Dr. Bonilla

Melvin Bonilla, MD Assoc. Professor. Nephrology

Dr Altieri

Pablo I. Altieri, M.D. Professor. Cardiology

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Anita Rivera-Brown, Assoc. Professor Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation and Sport Medicine

Dr. Frontera

Dr. Walter Frontera, M.D., Ph.D. Exercise Physiology and Aging

Dr Javadov

Sabzali Javadov, Professor Degrees: MD:  Russian Medical University, Moscow, Russia (1983) PhD: Cardiology Research Center, Moscow, Russia (1986) Training: Magdeburg Medical Academy, Germany (1987) National Institute of Cardiology, Hungary (1991-1992) University of Bristol, England (1997-2001) Tel:  787-7582525 ext. 2909 (Office); 2688 & 1266 (Lab) Office/Laboratory: A-668, A-672, A-674; UPR Medical Sciences Campus E-mail: Research…

Dr. Jimenez

Carlos A. Jiménez-Rivera, Associate Professor Associate Professor – Department of Physiology Ph.D. University of New Mexico- School of Medicine, 1986 (787)758-2525 x1676 Research Interests My laboratory is interested in the role of the central norepinephrine’s (NE) system in cocaine addiction and epilepsy. Our recent work investigates the role of the NE system in the…

Dr. Torres

Carlos A. Torres-Ramos, Assistant Professor Ph.D., 1995 University of Texas Medical Branch (787)758-2525 x1645 email: Research Interests I am interested in understanding how DNA repair processes contribute to physiological functions. Studies in aging and pathological conditions such as cancer and some neurodegenerative disorders have revealed that maintenance of genomic integrity is essential for physiological processes.…

Dr. Silva

Walter I. Silva, Associate Professor Ph.D., 1986, Mount Sinai  School of Medicine  Phone: (787) 758-2525 ext. 1608 email: Research Interests In general terms my laboratory is interested in the cellular and molecular physiology of vascular and brain cells. Using cultured cells from vascular and brain tissue as models systems, we are focusing our efforts in…