Alan M. Preston, Ph.D. Ad Honorem Professor
Nutritional epidemiology – diet and disease. Extensive use of
computer programs.

Ph.D., 1971, Purdue University
Phone: (787) 758-2525 Ext. 1636

Research Interests

Research interests are focused on Nutrition and its relation to disease.

Recent work includes studies of the effect of second hand cigarette smoke on antioxidant status in children with emphasis on plasma and dietary values of vitamin C. Other recent work has been measurement of plasma levels of homocysteine and B vitamins in non-human primates.

Currently we are doing epidemiological work in school children in an MBRS-SCORE supported study on the validation of dietary questionnaires as well as a COPENIC supported study on evaluation of diets in women with the aim of dietary modification to reduce estrogen levels and the risk of breast cancer.

Laboratory methods include analysis of blood via HPLC techniques, automated analyzer systems, and ELISA. Extensive dietary analysis is carried out via computer programs. Collaboration with faculty within and outside the department is a hallmark of our laboratory.

Selected Publications

  • Preston, A.M. (1991) Cigarette smoking-nutritional implications. Prog Food Nutr Sci. 183-217*. (Note this was the first literature review of the relationship between smoking and nutrition and is still frequently cited). PubMed Entry
  • Preston, A.M., Ramos, L.J., Calderon, C., and Sahai, H. (1997). Exposure of Puerto Rican children to tobacco smoke. Preventive Med. 26: 1-7.PubMed Entry
  • Preston, A.M., Rodriguez, C. and Gomez-Flores, I.M. (1997). Dietary analysis of meals served in the breakfast and lunch programs in Puerto Rican schools. PR J. Health Sci. 16: 381-86.PubMed Entry
  • Preston, A.M., Rodriguez, C., Rivera, C.E. and Sahai, H. (2001). Determinants of environmental tobacco smoke in a population of Puerto Rican children. Nicotine and Tobacco Res. 3: 61-70. PubMed Entry
  • Preston, A.M., Bercovitch, F.B., Jimenez, B.D., Rodriguez-Orengo, J.F., Delgado Morales, W., Rodriguez, C.A., Lebron, M.R. and Rivera, C.E. (2002). Plasma homocysteine concentrations in a population of Rhesus monkeys (Macaca mulatta): reference ranges and accompanying plasma concentrations of folate and vitamin B12. Contemp. Topics Lab Animal Sci. 41: 28-30. PubMed Entry
  • Preston, A.M., Rodriguez, C., Rivera, C.E. and Sahai, H. (2002). Influence of environmental tobacco smoke on vitamin C status in children. Am. J. Clin Nutr. 75. (In Press).