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The Center for Informatics and Technology (CIT) is an academic support unit that provides facilities and consulting services to students and faculty of the School of Medicine. Its main goal is to promote academic excellence, in accordance to the mission of the School and the University of Puerto Rico. Besides providing computing facilities to students, it gives training and consulting services in the use of general purpose software as well as specific software used in our curriculum. Faculty members receive training and support in the development of educational materials. Through its Learning Management System (Blackboard), the CIT makes available educational materials developed by faculty and CIT staff that students can access locally or remotely through an Internet connection.

The CIT offers a number of services to the UPR community through its participation in the Intramural Practice Plan. Among the services provided are: Training in the use of general application programs, such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel, online course development and administration via Blackboard; Web hosting of on-line courses; Web authoring; and Networking services, including design and installation. For a complete listing of services please use the link from the menu at the top of this page.

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We provide technical assistance and counseling. Individualized and group aid in the use of software and equipment and laptop configuration for connecting to the campus network.

Also, we offer technical assistance and counulting.

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Meet the Team

Our team has a variety of high quality professionals in their field of experience. Our staff is an experienced group that continually retrains itself on the latest in technology innovation.


Sr. Tomas Cespedes

CIT Director

Mariela Roman Hernandez

Mariela Román

Administrative Assistant III

Daniel L. Mattei

Daniel Luis Mattei

Computer Equipment & Telecomunications Specialist I

Angel Colon

Ángel D. Colón

Computer Equipment & Telecommunications Specialist I

Wallace H. Schroeder

Wallace H. Schroeder

Computer Equipment & Telecommunications Specialist I

(787) 758-2525 X 1980