We are committed to promoting the development of high-quality research that will help us better understand the health disparities that exist in our population.  Likewise, EHSRC aims to promote research expertise and support the training of new investigators and faculty with limited experience or limited research support.  To fulfill these support activities, we have a dedicated staff, qualified to assist in these initiatives through the different stages of the research process.  We also have our Office of Clinical Research and Community Health (OICSC), located at the UPR Dr. Federico Trilla Hospital. These facilities have been a research site for numerous clinical studies and a space for practical experience in research for faculty members as affiliated researchers.  These facilities provide an opportunity for the development of research initiatives involving data from patients who visit the emergency room, are hospitalized, or receive services at the outpatient clinics.

EHSRC provides training and infrastructure support to affiliated investigators for their own research studies or through research opportunities through industry and community partnerships.  EHSRC is also a member of the Puerto Rico Consortium for Clinical Investigation (PRCCI), a non-profit network of high-performing research centers that identifies research opportunities for its members.

To learn about the areas of research interest of the UPR School of Medicine and UPR Hospital faculty and being an affiliated researcher, complete the Affiliated Researchers Application Form

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