Office of Clinical and Community Health Research

Through the Clinical Studies Unit we promote the participation of the UPR School of Medicine’s (UPR-SoM) faculty in clinical trials. By developing an interdisciplinary environment, including alliances with the industry and the community, we have facilitated the integration of resources and the development of strategies to increase the participation on research endeavors of volunteers, sponsors, investigators, and the research personnel.

Strategically located at the University of Puerto Rico’s Dr. Federico Trilla Hospital, in Carolina, we have available facilities to conduct clinical research of high quality including:

  • Facilities for orientation and informed consent process
  • Exam room for clinical evaluation
  • Laboratory facilities for handling and storage of clinical specimens



Our location at the main primary care facility of the UPR-SoM provides an opportunity for the development of research initiatives involving data from patients visiting the emergency room, hospitalized or receiving services at the outpatient clinics.