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The Digital Educational Resources Office, (DERO) is the responsible of:

The administration of the Blackboard Ultra Management. This includes:

  1. Preparing the Home Pages and Courses for each academic year
  2. Registering the students by academic year or track in each Home Page and Course.

Administration of the ExamSoft/Examplify exams digital platform
Administration of the new One45+ Longitudinal Academic Assessment Platform





Faculty Development Coordination

The Digital Educational Resources Office is the one responsible for:

Teaching the course directors and other SoM Faculty members:

  • the management of their courses in the Blackboard Ultra platform
  • the access and management of the ExamSoft platform.
  • Topics related to the development of their carrier as a Academic Faculty.
  • Topics important to comply with the accreditation parameters.

Each Basic or Clinical Department is responsible to identify the needs their faculty have as academics; the DER Office will help coordinate the topics identify and help find resources that comply with such needs.


  • Any questions you can send an email to the Digitale Educational Resources Office Director or to the Blackboard Ultra Manager.
  • Needing a teaching session regarding the academic platforms manage by the DER Office? Please contact the Office Director, a teaching session will be scheduled.


Gineida Morales Guasch, EdD., Terp.
Office Director
Examplify Administrator
One 45+ Project Manager
Faculty Development Coordinator

Emanuel Marquez Torres
Blackboard Ultra Administrator
787-758-2525 x 1871


Monday to Friday

7:00am to 3:30pm