Dr. Edna E. Aquino

Associate Professor
Dr. Edna E. Aquino


  • Certificate in Bioethics, UPR-MSC, 2008.
  • Post-Doctoral Training, Biochemistry and Physiology of Microdomains, UPR-MSC, 2003.
  • Post-Doctoral Training, Biochemistry of Receptors UPR-RP, 2002.
  • Ph.D. Microbiology and Medical Zoology, UPR-MSC, 2000.
  • Certificate in Medical Technology, UPR-MSC, 1992.
  • B.S. and Pre-Medical, Interamerican University Metropolitan Campus, 1986.

Malaria, caused by Plasmodium spp., remains as the most devastating parasitic disease affecting more than 225 million people worldwide. Nearly 1 million deaths are reported yearly, mostly children under the age of 5. Half of the world’s population is considered at risk of malaria. Despite of ongoing efforts to generate novel antimalarials, find alternate vector controlling strategies and develop of an effective vaccine, the emergence and rapid spread of multidrug resistant Plasmodium coupled to the insecticide-resistant Anopheles strains, has resulted in re-emergence of this disease. There are currently no new drugs available and resistance has been reported for all of the antimalarials currently in use. Our previous and current work focuses in understanding mechanisms of underlying the development of Plasmodium drug resistance. The long-term goal of our research is to fully understand oxidative stress coping mechanisms and the glutathione biosynthetic pathway in the rodent malaria model, P. berghei in order to identify potential targets and drug resistance mechanisms to control the spread of malaria.


  • Epidemiology and molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in Gram negative bacteria.
  • Characterization of methicillin resistantStaphylococcus aureus(MRSA) isolated from PR.


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