Educational Background:

  • Certificate in Bioethics, UPR-MSC, 2008.
  • Post-Doctoral Training, Biochemistry and Physiology of Microdomains, UPR-MSC, 2003.
  • Post-Doctoral Training, Biochemistry of Receptors UPR-RP, 2002.
  • Ph.D. Microbiology and Medical Zoology, UPR-MSC, 2000.
  • Certificate in Medical Technology, UPR-MSC, 1992.
  • B.S. and Pre-Medical, Interamerican University Metropolitan Campus, 1986.

Academic Position: Associate Professor

Academic Address, Telephone & E-Mail:

Dept. of Microbiology and Zoology,
Main Building, 3rd floor (Office B-321 / Lab A-304)
University of Puerto Rico-School of Medicine,
P.O. Box 365067, San Juan, P.R. 00936-5067.
Phone: (787)758-2525 Office ext. 2096, lab ext 1315
Fax: (787) 758-4808

E-mail: edna.aquino@upr.edu

Field of Interest:

  • Epidemiology and molecular mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in Gram negative bacteria.
  • Characterization of methicillin resistantStaphylococcus aureus(MRSA) isolated from PR.

Selected Publications:

  • Martínez T, Vázquez GJ,Aquino EE, Ramirez-Ronda, R, Robledo IE. First Report of aPseudomonas aeruginosaClinical Isolate Co-Harboring KPC-2 and IMP-18 Carbapenemases. Int J Antimicrob Agents.39:542-3,2012.
  • Martínez, T, Vázquez, GJ,Aquino, EE,Goering, RV, Robledo IE. Two novel class I integron arrays encoding IMP-18 metallo-beta-lactamase gene inP. aeruginosaclinical isolates from Puerto Rico. Antimicrob Agents Chemother. 56:2119-21,2012.
  • Robledo, IE, Vázquez, GJ, Moland, ES,Aquino, EE,Goering, RV Thomson, KS, Santé, MI, Hanson, ND. Dissemination and Molecular Epidemiology of KPC-ProducingKlebsiella pneumoniaeCollected in Puerto Rico Medical Center Hospitals during a 1-Year Period. Epidemiology Research International Volume 1155-1163,2011.
  • Robledo IE,Aquino EE,Vazquez GJ. Detection of the KPC gene inEscherichia coli, Klebsiellapneumoniae, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, andAcinetobacter baumanniiduring a PCR-based nosocomial surveillance study in Puerto Rico. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 55(6):2968-2970,2011.
  • Iraida E Robledo,Edna E Aquino, Maria I Santé, Jorge L Santana, Diana M. Otero, Carlos F. León and Guillermo J Vázquez. Detection of KPC inAcinetobacter sp. in Puerto Rico. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy. 54: 1354-1357, March2010.
  • Wolter D.J., Khalaf N., Robledo I. E., Vázquez G. J., Santé M. I.,Aquino E. E.,Goering R.V., and Hanson N.D. Surveillance of Carbapenem ResistantPseudomonas aeruginosafrom Puerto Rico Medical Center Hospitals: Dissemination of KPC and IMP-18-lactamases. Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy 53: 1660-1664, April2009.
  • Silva W.I., Velázquez G., Rubio-Dávila M., Miranda J.D., Jordán J., Maldonado H.M.,Aquino E.,Mayol N., and Cruz A. Caveolin Isoform Expression During Differentiation of C6 Glioma Cells. Int. J. Devl Neuroscience. 23: 599 – 612, July2005.
  • Flores R.V., Hernández-Pérez M.G.,Aquino E.,Garrad Richard C., Weisman G.A., and González F. Agonist-induced Phosphorylation and Desensitization of the P2Y2 Nucleotide Receptor. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 280: 35 – 45, May2005.
  • Aquino-Piñero E. and N. Rodríguez-del Valle. Characterization of a Protein Kinase C Gene in Sporothrix schenckii and Its Expression during the Yeast to Mycelium Transition. Medical Mycology 40: 185-199,2002.
  • Aquino-Piñero, E.and N. Rodríguez-del Valle. Different Protein Kinase C Isoforms are Present in the Yeast and Mycelium Forms ofSporothrix schenckii.Mycopathologia 138: 109-115,1997.