Faculty at the Service of the Community…

Debora H. Silva Díaz, MD, FAAP, MEd.

Debora H. Silva Díaz, MD, FAAP, MEd.
Interim Dean

Monica Molina

Executive Director
Lcda. Mónica Molina Salas, MHSA
Faculty Practice Plan
School of Medicine, RCM, UPR

Medical Director
Dr. Irene Villamil Sánchez

Our Medical Faculty Within Your Reach

The Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico puts within reach of the Puerto Rican community medical ambulatory services (external) through its University Medical Services Clinic .

University Medical Services were created on June 25, 1981, by means of certification #202 of the Council on Higher Education. Its principal objectives are:

To put within reach of all Puerto Rico the human resources, experience and the knowledge of the faculty of the School of Medicine and Odontology

To provide an efficient model of medical professional practice.

The Medical Faculty of the School of Medicine of the University of Puerto Rico offers its hospitalary services in the hospitals assigned to the University of Puerto Rico, such as the Adults’ University Hospital, the University Pediatric Hospital, and the Federico Trilla University Hospital.   The Faculty also offers services in affiliated hospitals such as the Puerto Rico Oncology Hospital, the Puerto Rico and Caribbean Cardiovascular Center and Veterans’ Hospital.

This is How we Work

The University Medical Services Clinic works by previous appointment, offering individual medical attention of excellence.

Our physical facilities are divided in sections, by specialties. About 108 medical specialists and scientific professionals offer their services, to both children and adults, in areas related to the heart, stomach, kidneys, lungs, skin, eyes, cancer, rheumatism, gynecology, pain control and other areas of Medicine. Medical services also has available a variety of special laboratory services.

Genearal Information


University Medical Services are located in the Reparto Metropolitano Shopping Center, Americo Miranda Avenue, Rio Piedras.

Medical Faculty

Doctors assigned to the University Medical Services Clinic are recognized specialists, with wide experience in their respective practices. All doctors who compose our faculty are School of Medicine teachers at the Medical Sciences Campus of the University of Puerto Rico.


The medical services are offered at a reasonable cost according to the evaluation and treatment that every patient receives. They can be paid in cash, via ATM or with pre-paid insurance plans that cover the costs of these services.

Also we offer integrated medical services to other facilities such as:

Cardiovascular hospital
Pediatric Hospital