Training is provided in subspecialty rotations of three weeks duration, most of which recur periodically throughout the residency program. Rotations are scheduled for each resident at the beginning of the calendar year. The number of rotations through the different subspecialties is based on their difficulty and the time needed to master skills in that particular area of training.

In addition to radiology didactic sessions, the department has faculty dedicated to year-round physics training, an annual intensive physics review course, and education support from the Nuclear Medicine department. Residents are provided with educational tools such as question banks and board candidates are given time to participate in courses such as the AIRP and Duke reviews.

Rotation No. of Rotations Weeks
Abdominal 5-6 15-18
Floater 4 12
Pediatric Rad 4 12
Ultrasound and HR Ultrasound 3.5 10.5
Vascular US 1 3
Cardiothoracic Rad 4 12
Neuroradiology 5-6 15-18
Breast Imaging 4 12
Vasc / Interventional Rad 4 12
Musculoskeletal Rad 4 12
Rad-path Course 1 4
Nuclear Medicine 5.5 16
Research 1 3
Additional Rotations/Senior yr 16 4.8
Vacations 4 16