Meeting with your Advisor First through Third Year

We look forward to working with you! In advance of your meeting, please utilize a few resources:

  1. The AAMC’s Careers in Medicine This is a series of multiple-choice questions to gauge your interest in different aspects of medical practice.
  2. AAMC’s Residency Explorer – and compare yourself to previously matched applicants at those programs.
  3. AAMC’s Careers in Medicine –
  4. NRMP’s annual report – Match data by specialty
  5. AMA’s Specialty Guide – FREIDA™ Residency and Fellowship Program Listing ( highlighting the wide variety of specialty options, and detailed training information.

SOAP for Applicants



  • SEP 16
    12:00 PM EST

    Registration Opens

    Match Registration opens and you can create your R3 account.

    You must register for both the NRMP and the application service or process required by the program.

    Standard Registration is available until January 31, 2025.

    2025 Main Residency Match Calendar PDF

  • OCT 1
    8:00 AM EST

    Medical schools begin uploading rising seniors



  • JAN 31
    11:59 AM EST

    Standard Registration Deadline

    Applicant Standard Registration Deadline for the Match and SOAP.

    There is a $50 additional fee for late registration after January 31.

    View all Match fees.

  • FEB 03
    12:00 PM EST

    Ranking Opens

    Login to R3 to build and edit your Rank Order List.

    The number of positions in each program (quota) has been finalized and can be reviewed in the Program Directory.

    Medical schools begin verifying student/graduate graduation credentials.

    Support Guide: Enter and Certify a Rank Order List for Applicants

  • MAR 05
    9:00 PM EST

    Rank Order List Certification Deadline

    Medical school student/graduate graduation credentials verification deadline.

    Registration Deadline

    Applicant late registration for the Match and SOAP and Match withdrawal deadline.

Match Week

  • MARCH 17
    10:00 AM EDT

    Applicant match status available

    Applicants learn if they matched (by email and R3 system).

    2025 Match Week and SOAP Schedule PDF

    Supplemental Offer and Acceptance Program (SOAP) Begins

    SOAP-eligible unmatched and partially matched applicants can access the List of Unfilled Programs in the R3 system. The NRMP is the authoritative source for applicant SOAP eligibility status. Applicants are responsible for ensuring they apply only to positions for which they are eligible, as shown on the SOAP List of Unfilled Programs in the NRMP’s R3 system.

    Applicants and their representatives cannot communicate with a program until contacted by that program.

    11:00 AM EDT

    SOAP applicants can start preparing applications

    Contact the application service designated by the program with any questions.

  • MARCH 18
    08:00 AM EDT

    Programs begin reviewing SOAP applications

    Programs may contact applicants upon receipt of an application and begin interviewing.

    Contact the application service designated by the program with any questions.


  • MARCH 20
    9:00 – 11:00 AM EDT

    SOAP Round 1

    9:00 am EDT: Applicants receive Round 1 offers by logging in to R3 system.

    11:00 am EDT: Applicant deadline to accept/reject Round 1 offers.

    List of Unfilled Programs updated in R3 system.

    12:00 – 2:00 PM EDT

    SOAP Round 2

    12:00 pm EDT: Applicants receive Round 2 offers.

    2:00 pm EDT: Applicant deadline to accept/reject Round 2 offers.

    List of Unfilled Programs updated in R3 system.

    3:00 – 5:00 PM EDT

    SOAP Round 3

    3:00 pm EDT: Applicants receive Round 3 offers.

    5:00 pm EDT: Applicant deadline to accept/reject Round 3 offers.

    List of Unfilled Programs updated in R3 system.

    6:00 – 8:00 PM EDT

    SOAP Round 4

    6:00 pm EDT: Applicants receive Round 4 offers.

    8:00 pm EDT: Applicant deadline to accept/reject Round 4 offers.

    9:00 PM EDT

    SOAP Ends

    SOAP ends with the posting of the final List of Unfilled Programs in the R3 system. The List is updated to include unfilled programs not participating in SOAP.

    Applicants can begin contacting all remaining unfilled programs. Programs can update the List of Unfilled Programs as positions are filled.

  • Mar 21
    12:00 PM EDT

    Match Day

    Applicant Match results available (by email and within the R3 system).

    Medical school Match Day ceremonies.

    Advance Data Tables available on


Angeles Martinez

Professor Angeles Martinez Velez, MCSW, LICSW 

Career Advisor (CiM) /Family Therapist
Personal, Ontological and Cognitive Coach
Neuroscience Applied to Mindfulness Certified
Director of Counseling and Support Service  for Residents and Fellows
Students Performance Coordinator
Office A-209

787-758-2525 ext 2032

cynthia Hernandez

Cynthia Hernández Otero, M.Ed., EdDc

Career Advisor (Non-specialty specific) (CiM) MS1 & MS2
Asociate Director, Office of Institutional Advancement
Institutional Community Outreach – MSC – Medicine
University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine