Course No.TitleCredits
First Year (Fall semester)
ANAT 8411Human Gross Anatomy I4
ANAT 8513Human Embryology I1
ANAT 8532Seminar and Journal Club I1
**ANAT 8996Research Lab Rotations2
First Year (Spring semester)
ANAT 8412Human Gross Anatomy II4
ANAT 8514Human Embryology II1
ANAT 8532Seminar and Journal Club II1
**ANAT 8996Research Lab Rotations2
**ANAT 8996Research Lab Rotations2
Second Year (Fall semester)
ANAT 8611Human Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience I2
ANAT 8613Human Cell Biology and Histology I2
CBIO 8500Statistics for the Biomedical Sciences3
ANAT 8526Practice in Teaching3
Second Year (Spring semester)
ANAT 8612Human Neuroanatomy and Neuroscience II3
ANAT 8614Human Cell Biology and Histology II2
**ANAT 8596Proposal Preparation3
Proposal presentation in a committee meeting
Third Year (Fall semester)
**CBIO 8991Bioethics in Research: Fundamentals1
ANAT 8595Master’s Thesis Research6
Third Year (Spring semester)
**CBIO 8992Bioethics in Research: Applied Topics2
ANAT 8595 (continuation)Master’s Thesis Research0
Total               33

**Recommended electives

Summer: Thesis Examination