mauricio_caceresCáceres Chacón, M.D., Mauricio
Program: PhD
Admitted: August 2018
Advisor: Dr. Demetrio Sierra Mercado
Research topic: Effects of glyphosate on the neurobiology of behavior in rodents

Coriness PineyroCoriness Piñeyro Ruiz, Coriness
Program: PhD
Admitted: August 2015
Advisor: Dr. Juan Carlos Jorge
Research topic: The Use of Metabolomics in the Study of Mild Hypospadias


Crooke Rosado, Jonathan
Program: PhD
Admitted: August 2012
Advisor: Dra. María Sosa Llorens
Research topic: Using the freshwater prawn as a model to assess the impact of water contaminants on behavior


Maldonado Díaz, Carolina
Program:  MD/PhD
Admitted: August 2013
Advisor: Dr. Bruno Marie
Research topic: Synapse development in the neuromuscular junction of Drosophila