Mentor: Carlos Sariol, MD Programa (MS/PhD/Inter Recinto): Ph.D. Hobbies: Movies, roadtrips, video games Career goals: Research in both the private and government sector, areas of interest include Immunology, Virology. Email:

Xaymara Hernández González

Xaymara Hernández González Mentor: Benjamín Bolaños-Rosero, Ph.D. Program: MS Thesis Project: Association of Seasonality of Outdoor Allergens with Susceptibility and Morbidity to COVID-19 among Residents of San Juan and Caguas, PR Hobbies: Reading, exercising, road trips. Career goals: Industry Email:

Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres

Lorraine N. Vélez-Torres PI: Benjamín Bolaños-Rosero, Ph.D. Programa (MS/PhD/Inter Recinto): Ph.D. Título de su proyecto de investigación: Fungal Indoor Air Pollution in Water-Damaged Homes after Hurricane María and Pro-Inflammatory and Allergenic Potential of Aspergillus Species Hobbies: Travel, Kayaking, Trying New Restaurants, Makeup, True Crime, Cooking International Dishes Career goals: Professor and Principal Investigator at Undergraduate Institution Email:

Gabriel Borges Vélez

Gabriel Borges Vélez Mentor: Loyda Meléndez Programa: Ph.D. Thesis Project: Role of placenta cystatin B in mother to child transmission of Zika virus Hobbies: Movies, Watersports and ATV/Fourtrack Career goals: Non-tenure track position Email:

Bianca N. Valdés Fernández

Bianca N. Valdés Fernández Mentor: Ana Espino, Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. Intercampus Thesis Project: Fasciola hepatica Glutathione S-Transferase as a Therapeutic Alternative to Limit Pathology and Pro-inflammatory Cytokines in a Murine Septic Shock Model: A Role for Alternatively Activated Macrophages. Hobbies: Travel, Karaoke, Binge-Watching Career goals: Science Policy Advisor Email:

Jennifer Diaz Rivera

Jennifer Diaz Rivera Mentor: Adelfa Serrano, Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. Thesis Project: Evaluation and characterization of novel antiplasmodial hydrazone derivatives for further development as antimalarials. Hobbies: Hacer ejercicio, ver series, ir a la playa Career goals: To pursue a postdoc Email:

Angélica M Rosado-Quiñones

Angélica M Rosado-Quiñones Mentor:  Adelfa E Serrano, Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. Intercampus Thesis Project:  Assessment of synergistic drugs and compounds combinations for multidrug-resistant Plasmodium species Hobbies:   Play video games, read books (fantasy, sci-fi, history books), sing, play games (roleplaying and board games), learn new things and explore new places (travel) Research interests: Infectious Diseases, Tropical Diseases, Malaria, Parasitology, Drug Therapy,…

José Javier Rosado-Franco

José Javier Rosado-Franco Mentor: Ana Espino, Ph.D. Program: Ph.D. Thesis Project: Purification of Fatty Acid Binding Protein from Fasciola hepatica and evaluation of effectiveness in a Non-human Primate acute gram-negative sepsis model. Hobbies: beach, gym, cooking, reading books and hiking Career goals: Postdoc preferably involving clinical trials, drug/vaccine development and/or immunology. Email:

Dr. Stephanie M. Dorta

Assistant Professor

Dr. Stephanie M. DortaProfessorAcademic ProfilesORCID: LINKEDIN: Bibliography: Researchgate: Scholar: Cancer Center – Cancer Biology Department of Microbiology and Zoology Rm-B-317 Arbona (Principal) Building UPR-Medical Sciences Campus San Juan, PR 00936 Ph: 787-758-2525 ext. 1316