The Guillermo Pico Santiago Basic Ophthalmology course was founded by Dr. Guillermo Pico in 1967. It is an educational program directed to first and second year ophthalmology residents from Latin America and Puerto Rico. The course has been held in San Juan Puerto Rico for the past 49 years. In 2017 we will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

The Basic Science course provides the foundation to residents that are beginning their training in Ophthalmology from which they can progressively grow in their ability to take care of patients and assume roles of greater responsibility and independence. In the course the residents are given lectures on ocular anatomy, physiology, histology, ocular pathology, electrophysiology, Genetics, optics and refraction, refractive surgery, Glaucoma and glaucoma surgery, cataract, cataract surgery, corneal diseases and surgery, diseases of the retina and surgery, pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, orbit and plastics, neuro-ophthalmology, uveitis, and oncology.

The course  is given by invited international faculty from the United States, Latin America, as well as members of our faculty. The residents expend 8 weeks receiving lectures with some laboratory sessions . At the end of the course they have received over 280 hours of education.

Invited Faculty

Dr. Eduardo Alfonso: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Dr. Juan Battle:  Dominican Republic
Dr. Robert Braunstein : Morristown New Jersey
Dr.Scott Brodie : New York Eye and Ear Infirmary
Dr. Ralph Eagle: Wills Eye Hospital
Dr. Miguel Materin: Yale University
Dr. Faroche Melgem: Dominican Republic
Dr. Asa Morton : San Diego, California
Dr. Paul Palmberg: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Dr. Victor Perez: Bascom Palmer Eye Institute
Dr. Jose Tovilla: Mexico
Dr. Constance West : Cincinnati Childrens Hospital


Local Faculty
Dr. Carmen Amaral
Dr. Emilio Baez
Dr. Gabriel Benitez
Dr. Maria H. Berrocal
Dr. Rosa Blanco
Dr. Marino Blasini
Dr. Jaime Bravo
Dr. Jessica Cedeño
Dr. Vanessa Cruz Villegas
Dr. Magda E. De Pool
Dr. Andres Emanuelli
Dr. Jorge Fernandez
Dr. Sixto Garcia Castiñeiras
Dr. Manuel Garraton
Dr. Orlando Gonzalez
Dr. Natalio Izquierdo
Dr. Jose Llado
Dr. Vanessa Lopez Beauchamp
Dr. Jose Matos Malave
Dr. Jose R. Montes
Dr. Juan Nevarez
Dr. Armando Oliver
Dr. Nivea Perez
Dr. Raul Perez
Dr. Ian Piovanetti
Dr. Jose E. Piovanetti
Dr. Omar Piovanetti
Dr. Lilia Rivera
Dr. Julio Rodriguez
Dr. Ricardo Rodriguez
Dr. Luis A. Santiago
Dr. Carmen Santos
Dr. Luis A. Serrano
Dr. Maria Sosa
Dr. Francisco Torres
Dr. William Townsend Pico
Dr. Rene Vazquez Botet
Dr. Hector Villarrubia