William Micheo, MD
Professor and Chairman

Welcome to the Department of Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine at the University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine.  Our purpose is to care for patients with acute and chronic musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions, and to educate residents, medical students, and the general population about our field.  We provide a service of excellence through the dedicated work of our faculty, residents, and staff.

A vast variety of services are provided through our department, including: Inpatient adult and pediatric rehabilitation, Inpatient PM&R consultation service at numerous acute care hospitals, including a trauma center, cardiovascular, oncology, and pediatric hospitals, PM&R specialty clinics (electrodiagnostics, neuromuscular diseases, pediatrics, sports medicine, pain management), as well as general PM&R clinics.

The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Training Program is a 4-year Residency program centered on resident education and patient care.  It is of utmost importance to us, as educators to provide our residents with a variety of educational experiences to form complete physicians and human beings.  Also, it is very important to us to expose medical students to our field.  The medical school curriculum includes a one week rotation for every student, but also, we offer a 2-4 week clinical rotation in general PM&R, inpatient rehabilitation, and sports medicine.

The Sports Medicine Training Program will provide academic and clinical teaching experiences so that the fellow/resident can develop basic knowledge in the field of sports medicine as its relates to the practice of physical medicine and rehabilitation, and primary care medicine.  In addition, the fellow will develop expertise in the areas of diagnosis, management and rehabilitation of sports injury, exercise physiology, sports psychology, and nutrition.

The Program will also provide the clinical experience and teaching that will allow the fellow/resident to develop skills necessary to become a team physician, prescribe exercise for health promotion, and perform procedures needed in the management of sports injuries.  Acquisition of knowledge and the skills necessary to evaluate the scientific medical literature in sports medicine and how to apply the information  obtained in  patient management will also be emphasized during the training program.

Again we welcome you to our webpage.  We hope that it will provide information that fulfills your needs.


William Micheo, MD

Professor and Chairman
Physical Medicine, Rehabilitation & Sports Medicine Department
Sports Medicine Fellowship Director
University of Puerto Rico