1. The candidate will complete the application from the ERAS (Electronic Residency Application Service).   ERAS is a service that transmits residency applications, letters of recommendation, Medical Student Performance Evaluation, School of Medicine official transcript, and other supporting credentials from applicants.

  • Applicants complete their ERAS application, select programs, assign supporting documents, and transmit their application to programs.
  • Schools receive notification of completed application, and start transmitting supporting documents: transcripts, letters of recommendation, photos, MSPE/Dean’s Letters.
  • Examining boards receive and process requests for score reports.
  • Programs contact the ERAS Post Office on a daily basis to download application materials.

2. Additional Requirements

  • University or College Transcriptions sent original to:

PM&R Department
P O Box 365067
San Juan PR 00936-5067

  • Personal Statement
  • One month Residency rotation in our program (MCIR-7027) before the second week of January of the application year. This rotation is mandatory.
    • Medical students should call the Curriculum Office at 787-758-2525 ext. 1811.
    • MD and Foreign Graduates applicants with permanent license should call (787) 758-2525, ext. 1767, 1766.
    • MD and Foreign  Graduates applicants have to do arrangement for:
      • Coverage insurance (787) 641-1418 SIMED or other company PR
      • Temporary license call (787-782-8989). “ Puerto Rico State Board (Junta Licenciamiento y Disciplinas Medicas)  (If applicable)
  • Fluent in Spanish (written and oral).
  • The Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Training Program only accept applications of accredited School of Medicine in the United States territories and Canada, or others schools, or educational program acceptable by the Puerto Rico State Medical Board, and Schools of Medicine of the International Medical Education Directory (FAIMER).
  • Completed PM&R Application form.
  • Approved USMLE Step I & Step II (CK) and (CS)
  • Completed documents on December of the current year.
  • To consider an applicant for interview he/she must completed the requirements mentioned above.

3. Those complying with the requirements will be considered for admission.  An appointment for interview will be assigned.  The Admission Committee will be constituted by the Program Director (President), three faculty members, and the Chief Resident that were appointed at the beginning of the academic year.

4.  In the interview process the following criteria will be assesses:

  • Communication (Verbal, Written)
  • General, Medicine, and PM&R Knowledge
  • Professionalism