Our program provides well structured and high-quality curricular education designed to ensure that its graduates will posses sound clinical judgment, attitudes, skills and a high order of knowledge about the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of the psychiatric disorders as well as other common medical and neurological disorders that relate to the practice of Psychiatry.

Our goal is to offer you the opportunity to see and care for a wide variety of patients within a system of appropriate and graded responsibility with the dual goals of continuing safe and effective patient care while ensuring growth.

We expect that the result of these 4 years of training will be a professional that is competent to render safe, effective professional care to patients and that contributes to the quality and the challenge of the development of new health care systems.

The training that you’ll receive should help you gain an awareness of your strengths and limitations and the necessity for continuing your professional development.

I hope that the information that is presented through this Manual will motivate you to apply to our program.

Congratulations for this important step in your professional career.