The mission of the Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Program of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine is to transmit, enrich, and increase knowledge in the child and adolescent psychiatry field through teaching, research and clinical services.

In accordance with its institutional mission, our program is committed to achieve the ideals of personal and academic excellence. This excellence, which we aspire, will endow school, department and program graduates with a modicum of professional quality and competence, as well as the humanistic values of compassionate and respectful care for patients in the clinical setting. To this end, the program will provide an academic and institutional environment conductive to the personal and professional development of students, residents and faculty.

In the context of this vision and mission, the faculty of our program feels the institutional responsibility of training residents to suit the need our society presents. It offers postgraduate education experiences and opportunities to keep abreast of our profession through continuing educational activities.

In a harmony with the democratic philosophy of the University of Puerto Rico, School of Medicine, the Psychiatry Department ratifies its adherence to the policy of equal opportunity without discrimination for reasons of sex, race, political, or religious believe.

Manual I – Goals and Objectives 2005-R