Our Psychiatry Department is active throughout our Medical Students four year of graduate education. Early during the first year, we collaborate with the introduction to Clinical Skills Course, offering an intensive overview on physician-patient communication. Later in that first year we participate in Neuroscience I Course and Human Development. Medical students conclude their first year experience with the Behavioral Sciences Course. (MPRI-7137)

During their second year they are exposed to the major psychiatric disorders during the Psychopathology Course (MSEG 7229) , understanding the importance of the Physician patient relationship, conferences on how to deal with difficult situations are given.

Once students are in their clinical years, during the six week Psychiatry Rotation, (MTER-7310), they are exposed to different levels of care available to our patients: Acute Inpatient Units ( VAH, First Hospital Panamericano, Pavia –Behavioral Unit at the UPR Hospital), Chronic Inpatient Units and Psychiatric Emergency Room (Psychiatric State Hospital) Partial Hospitalization Programs ( CIPA, First Hospital), and Out-patient Clinics at RCM Ninth Floor . During these six weeks students may have the opportunity to work in specialized areas such as child and adolescent psychiatry, addiction psychiatry and psychosomatic psychiatry. As fourth year medical students, those interested have the opportunity to take several electives within Psychiatry: http://www.md.rcm.upr.edu/curriculum/manual4to.pdf (Page 23 and 24)

  • Psychiatry Junior Intership
  • Comprehensive Child Psychiatry
  • Alcohol Dependence
  • Introduction to Drug Dependence
  • Psychiatric Emergencies
  • Psychiatric Research

We encourage participation in local and national psychiatric associations, Student Chapters:

American Psychiatric Association

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

For additional information, contact:

Vilma Mc Carthy, MD Dr. Vilma T. McCarthy,
Psychiatry Department
Student Coordinator
( 787) 758-2525 xt. 1925

email: vilma.mccarthy@upr.edu

Isabel Rodríguez, MD Dr. Isabel Rodríguez
(787)758-2525 Ext. 2237

email: isabel.rodriguez3@upr.edu