Dr. Antonio Puras

Dear Doctor, I am pleased you are visiting our website and would like to welcome you to the University of Puerto Rico Medical School Urology Residency Program.

Our mission is to train specialists in the discipline of Urology, who will become experts in the understanding of basic medical sciences relevant to the genitourinary tract and adrenal gland. They should develop the necessary knowledge and skills to prevent, early diagnose, and medically and/or surgically treat any illness related to our specialty. This will be accomplished through a complete and balanced curriculum that effectively utilizes clinical research. At the conclusion of their training, residents should be qualified to provide high quality medical care to their patients, and/or pursue an academic career in urology.

Our large clinical and surgical experience ensures that every resident obtains adequate training in various aspects of urology including infertility, endourology, neurology, female urology, oncology, pediatric urology, sexual dysfunction, reconstructive urology, laparoscopy and trauma.

Our residency was established over 50 years and obtained full accreditation since its foundation. Our residents traditionally do very well at the in-service and board medical exams. The staff is well-motivated and guide our residents during their surgically training.

Each year we graduate two residents, many of whom choose to pursue careers in private practice, continue post-graduate fellowship training and some have chosen to accept academic careers.

Our service is a referal center which receives patients from all over Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. We provide medical care which range from primary to highly specialized pediatric, oncology and trauma. We are very proud of our urology training program, and our faculty is committed to fulfill our mission and goals which are nobilitas, scientia, sapientia and ministerium.


Dr. Antonio Puras