Astrid Morales-Ralat, MD

Astrid Morales-Ralat, MD

Hi! Welcome to our page.

I’m a Board Certified Family Physician graduated from the University of PR School of Medicine and Family Medicine from the same school. I also completed Fellowships from Disparities Leadership Program in Mass General and National Institute for Program Director Development from Association of Family Medicine Medical Directors.

My family is my major success and passion. Since graduation, I have been immersed in Academic Medicine and have been combining it with Cosmetic Medicine since 2012. As an art lover, my hobbies are mostly handcrafts specially jewelry making. Searching for a suitable physical activity I discovered that Yoga practice served to strength my body and to ease my soul finding the most needed balance.

I consider that Family Medicine is the most complete specialty which allows us to reach the most diverse population and prepares us to deal with many conditions and situations.  We are called to be our patients advocates and seek their whole well-being.  A Family Physician never gets bored and needs to be a natural problem solver and must be a caring and intelligent individual.

Inspiring our successors has been challenging in the latest years because of the transformation of our career with more administrative requirements, but this doesn’t should keep us from aiming towards excellence in our program.

I invite you to explore our page and don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about our program.


Astrid Morales-Ralat, MD
Family Medicine Program Director