Research Publications 2022-2023

Assessing need for advance imaging among children with back pain using pain intensity as clinical marker
Authors: Gerardo Olivella, David Deliz, Eduardo Lindsay, Edwin Burgos-Rossy, Natalia Torres-Acevedo, Daniela Ramírez-Roggio, Graciela Benítez-Gándara, Norman Ramírez

Complete Endoscopic Resection of an Osteoid Osteoma in the Body of a Thoracic Vertebra: A Case Report
Authors: Danny Mangual-Peréz, Arnaldo Martínez-Rivera, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, David Deliz-Jimenez, Gustavo Rivera-Rodriguez, Alexandra Claudio-Marcano, José M. Montañez-Huertas, Yamil Rivera-Colón

Early-onset scoliosis: a narrative review
Authors: Geovanny Ruiz, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Pablo Marrero-Ortiz, Humberto Guzmán, Gerardo Olivella, Norman Ramírez

Efficacy of an Opioid-Sparing Perioperative Multimodal Analgesia Protocol on Posterior Lumbar Fusion in a Hispanic Population: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Manuel Ramírez-Gonzalez, Norberto J Torres-Lugo, David Deliz-Jimenez, Gabriel Echegaray-Casalduc, Norman Ramírez, Elfren Colón-Rodriguez, Juan Carro-Rivera, Antonio De La Cruz, Yamil Claudio-Roman, José Massanet-Volrath, Enrique Escobar-Medina, José Montañez-Huertas

Factors Influencing Graduating Medical Students in Puerto Rico to Pursue a Primary Care Residency in the Continental United States
Authors: David Beatón-Comulada, MD; Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD; Viviana M. Serra-López, MD; MS; Carlos Guevara-Serra, BS; Héctor Muñoz-Miro, BS; Norman Ramírez, MD; Antonio Otero-López, MD

Inducing Ulnar Nerve Function while Eliminating Claw Hand and Reducing Chronic Neuropathic Pain
Authors: Christian A. Foy, William F. Micheo, Damien P. Kuffler

Is the whole-day use of Surgical Masks during the Coronavirus Pandemic increasing the Contamination of Surgeons’ Masks?
Authors: Ricardo Abreu-Irizarry, MD, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, Lucas De Virgilio-Salgado, MD, Gabriel Echegaray-Casalduc, MD, David Deliz-Jiménez, MD, José Martínez-Ramos, BS, Sebastian Estarellas-Cobian, BS, Norman Ramírez, MD, Christian Foy-Parrilla, MD

Patient Experience and Perspective on Medical Cannabis as an Alternative for Musculoskeletal Pain Management
Authors: Danny Mangua-Pérez, MD, Rubén Tregallo-Parés, MD, Manuel Ramírez-González, MD, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, Asdrúbal Rivera-Dones, MD, Gustavo Rivera-Rodríguez, BS, Alexandra Claudio-Marcano, BS, Luis Lojo-Sojo, MD

Simultaneous Total Hip Arthroplasty for Delayed Management of Bilateral Acetabular Fractures due to Alcohol-Withdrawal Seizures
Authors: Marcantonio V. Pinci, MD, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, José Acosta-Julbe, BS, David Deliz-Jiménez, MD, Antonio Otero-López, Alberto Criado, MD

Research Publications 2021-2022

Adverse Soft-Tissue Reaction After Ceramic-On-Ceramic Bearing Fracture Mimicking a Periprosthetic Joint Infection
Authors: Rubén Tresgallo-Parés, MD, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, Edwin Rosado-Hernández, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Norman Ramírez, MD, Antonio Otero-López, MD

Associated Factors of Patients with Spinal Stenosis Who Undergo Reoperation after a Posterior Lumbar Spinal Fusion in a Hispanic-American Population
Authors: José C. Pérez-López, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Miguel Cartagena, Christian Nieves-Ríos, José Acosta-Julbe, Norman Ramírez, MD, José Massanet-Volrath, MD, José Montañez-Huertas, MD and Enrique Escobar, MD

Blunt Abdominopelvic Trauma Complicated by Traumatic Testicular Dislocation in a 19-Year-Old Male Patient: A Case Report
Authors: Danny Mangual-Pérez, MD, Camille Torres-Cintrón, MD, Reinaldo Colón-Morillo, MS, Luis Lojo-Sojo, MD and Antonio Puras-Báez, MD

Distal Femoral Replacement as a Salvage Treatment After Desmoplastic Fibroma Resection
Authors: Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Roberto Colón-Miranda, MD, José P. Bibiloni-Lugo, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD, Juan Bibiloni-Rodríguez, MD

Effect of Nonsurgical Versus Surgical Management on Geriatric Hip Fracture Mortality of Hispanic-American Male Veterans
Authors: Lucas G. De Virgilio-Salgado, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Henry Ruberté, BS, Ricardo J. Abreu, MD, Antonio Otero-López, MD, Pedro Reyes-Martínez, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Francisco Otero-López, MD

Myoepithelial tumor in the popliteal area:  A diagnostic dilemma
Authors: Lucas de Virgilio-Salgado, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Gerardo Olivella, John M. Watson-Pérez, Norman Ramírez, Juan Bibiloni-Rodríguez

Non-Union in a Hook of Hamate Fracture of a Skeletally Immature Baseball Player
Authors: Omar E. Rodríguez-Alejandro, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, MD, Gabriel J. Echegaray, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Christian A. Foy-Parrilla, MD

Orthopedic Provider Gender Preference Among Patients in an Orthopedic Surgery Residency Program of a Hispanic American Community
Authors: Elena Iguina-González, Gerardo Olivella, Andrea Ramos-Vicente, Andrés Fantauzzi, Ana Dávila, Danny Mangual, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Gladys Ramos, Norman Ramírez, Antonio Otero-López, Ariel Dávila-Parrilla

Orthopaedic trauma epidemiology after Hurricane Maria in the Puerto Rico Trauma Centre
Authors: Omar Rodríguez-Alejandro, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Danny Mangual-Pérez, Roberto Colón-Miranda, Héctor Sánchez-Fernández, José López-Ventosa, Cale Pagán-Molderhauer, Norman Ramírez, Antonio Otero-López

Persistent synovial actinomycosis in a native knee joint:  A case Report
Authors: Manuel Ramírez-González, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Luis Bisbal-Matos, Gerardo Olivella, Héctor Sánchez-Fernández, Juan Bibiloni-Rodríguez

Primary leiomyosarcoma of the great saphenous vein:  A case report
Authors: Rubén Tresgallo-Parés, Lucas De Virgilio-Salgado, Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, Natalia A. Asenjo-Molina, Norman Ramírez, Juan Bibiloni-Rodríguez

Recommendations from the ICM-VTE:  General
Authors: Norberto J. Torres-Lugo, David Beatón-Comulada, Roberto Colón- Miranda, Rubén Tresgallo-Parés, Antonio Otero-López

Research Publications 2020-2021

Anterior Tibialis Artery Pseudoaneurysm after Minimally Invasive Plate Osteosynthesis in the Proximal Tibia: A Case Report
Authors: David Beatón Comulada, MD, Saúl Hernández-Rodríguez, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD, Charles Zierenberg, MD and Luis Lojo-Sojo, MD

Bilateral Posterior-Stabilized Total Knee Arthroplasty in a Patient with Osteopetrosis and Literature Review
Authors: David Beatón Comulada, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD, Gabriel Echegaray, MD, Roberto Colón, MD, Samuel Rodríguez-Santiago, MS and Antonio Otero, MD

Diaphyseal Both-Bone Forearm Fracture Due to a Grip Lock Injury in a Female Pediatric Gymnast: A Case Report
Authors: Roberto Colón, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Marcantonio Pinci, MD, Claribel Rivera, BA, Norman Ramírez, MD and Humberto Guzmán, MD

Functional and Disability Assessment Among Hispanics with Zone 2 Flexor Tendon Injuries: Comparative Study Between Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Repair and Flexor Digitorum Superficialis Excision
Authors: Eduardo J. Natal-Albelo, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Giovanni U. Paraliticci-Márquez, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD, Gabriel Echegaray, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Christian A. Foy-Parrilla, MD

Giant Cell Tumor of Bone at the Proximal Epiphysis of Humerus in a Skeletally Immature Patient: A Case Report
Authors: Manuel A. Ramírez-González, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Norman Ramírez, MD, Antonio Soler-Salas, MD, Eric Astacio, MD, Juan Bibiloni, MD and Christian Foy-Parilla, MD

Is the Numerical Rating Scale an Adequate Predictor for Assessing MRI Underlying Pathologies Among Painful Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis Patients?
Authors: Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Humberto Guzmán, MD, Pablo Marrero-Ortíz, MD, Yashira Torres, Edwin Rosado, MD, José C. Pérez-López, MD, Diego Monasterio, Claribel Rivera, BA and Norman Ramírez, MD

Level of Supervision and Radiation Exposure of Senior Orthopedic Residents During Surgical Treatment of Proximal Femur Fracture
Authors: Luis F. Carrazana-Suárez, MD, Manuel Rodríguez-Pérez, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD, Carlos Campa, BS, Gerardo Olivella, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Luis Lojo-Sojo, MD

Lipofibromatous Hamartoma in a Hispanic Patient with Macrodactyly: A Rare Peripheral Nerve Tumor Causing Recurrent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Authors: Marcantonio V. Pinci, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Manuel Rodríguez, MD, Hans W. Hess-Arcelay, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Christian Foy-Parilla, MD

Microvascular Free Tissue Transfer for Complex Soft Tissue Injuries in Lower Extremities: Brief Report of a Hispanic Population
Authors: Danny Mangual, MD, Luis A. Bisbal-Matos, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Francisco Otero-López, MD and Ricardo Jiménez-Lee, MD

Musculoskeletal Manifestations of Child Abuse: Analysis at a Level 2 Trauma Center in Puerto Rico
Authors: Claudio Ballester, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Marianna Oppenheimer, BS, Manuel Antonio Ramírez, BS, Lenny Rivera, MD, Manuel García-Ariz, MD and Pablo V. Marrero, MD

Post-Traumatic Tenosynovial Chondromatosis Following a Triquetrum Fracture: A Case Report
Authors: Danny Mangual, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Norman Ramírez, MD, Eric Astacio, MD, Juan Bibiloni, MD and Christian Foy-Parrilla, MD

Practice Variation Among Hispanic American Orthopedic Surgeons in the Management of Geriatric Distal Radius Fracture
Authors: Edwin G. Rosado, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Eduardo J. Natal-Albelo, MD, Gabriel J. Echegaray, MD, Lenny L. Rivera, MD, Carlos A. Guevara, BS, Larry M. Alejandro, BS, Arnaldo Martínez-Rivera, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Christian A. Foy, MD

Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Self-Reported Outcomes After Posterior Wall Fractures of the Acetabulum: Lessons Learned from a Hispanic Population
Authors: Manuel Rodríguez-Pérez, MD, Ariel Dávila-Parrilla, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, MPH, Andrés Muñiz, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD and Luis Lojo-Sojo, MD

The Effect of Total Hip Arthroplasty on the Sciatic Nerve: an Electrodiagnostic Evidence Study
Authors: Danny Mangual, MD, Juan Valentín, MD, Josué Acevedo, MD, Roberto Colón, MD, Héctor Sánchez, BS, Lenny Rivera, MD, Antonio Otero, MD and Carmen López, MD

Research Publications 2019-2020

Hypomagnesemia Following Posterior Spinal Fusion in Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
Authors: Pablo Marrero-Barrera, MD, Norman Ramírez, MD, Gerardo Olivella, MD, Juan Cruz, MD, Lenny Rivera, MD and Pablo Marrero-Ortíz, MD

Research Publications 2018-2019

Hindfoot Fusion Nail with Adjuvant Hybrid External Fixation used as Limb-Salvage Procedure after Failed Open Reduction Internal Fixation of Ankle Fracture in a Charcot Joint: A Case Report
Authors: Román G. Guerrero-Maestre, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Roberto Colón-Miranda, MD and Pedro Reyes-Martínez, MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon Communication Skills: Perception of Empathy and Patient Satisfaction Through the Use of Anatomic Models
Authors: Edwin L. Portalatín, MD, Luis F. Carrazana, MD, Roberto Colón, MD, Ricardo Abreu, MD, Dennys Rivera, MD and Luis Lojo, MD

Research Publications 2017-2018

Bilateral Tibial Fibrous Dysplasia in a Pediatric Patient treated with Intramedullary Nailing
Authors: Emanuel Rivera-Rosado, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Eric Hernández-Ortiz, MD and Pablo V. Marrero-Ortíz, MD

Clinical Considerations for the Use Lower Extremity Arthroplasty in the Elderly
Authors: Antonio Otero-López, MD and David Beatón-Comulada, MD

The Use of Bone Morphogenetic Protein in Spinal Transforaminal Lumbar Interbody Fusion: Our Experience
Authors: Eduardo Colom-Beauchamp, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Julio A. Rodríguez, MD, José C. Pérez-López, MD, José Montañez-Huertas, MD, Enrique Escobar-Medina, MD and José Massanet-Vollrath, MD

Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients with Multiple Hereditary Exostoses
Authors: Samuel A. Fernández-Pérez, MD, Julio A. Rodríguez, Jr., MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Roberto G. Colón-Miranda, MD, Antonio H. Soler-Salas, MD and Antonio Otero-López, MD

Research Publications 2016-2017

Acute Shortening and Re-Lengthening in the Management of Open Tibia Fractures with Severe Bone of 14 CMS or More and Extensive Soft Tissue Loss
Authors: Charles Zierenberg García, MD, David Beatón Comulada, MD, José Carlos Pérez López, MD, Alfredo Lamela Domenech, BS, Gabriella Rivera Ortiz, BS, Héctor M. González Montalvo, MPH and Pedro J. Reyes-Martínez, MD

Adequate Administration of Perioperative Antibiotics in Orthopedic Patients: Quality Assessment Study
Authors: Emanuel Rivera, MD, William H. Titley, BS, Emmanuel López, BS and Antonio Otero, MD

An Isolated Gluteus Minimus Tendon Tear with Stress Fracture of the Iliac Wing in a Marathon Runner: A case report
Authors: Emanuel Rivera Rosado, MD, Borja Santaella Santé, MD, Priscila M. Cordero, Juan J. Rivera and Francisco Otero López, MD

Bilateral Tibia Fibrous Dysplasia in a Pediatric Patient Treated with Intramedullary Nailing: A Case Report
Authors: Emanuel Rivera Rosado, MD, Eric Hernández Ortiz, MD, Christian López Aponte, BS and Pablo V. Marrero Ortiz, MD

Complications Associated with Pediatric Supracondylar Humeral Fractures
Authors: Ernesto Del Valle-Hernández, MD, Pablo A. Marrero-Barrera, MD, David Beatón, MD, Dalibel Bravo, MD, Sergio Santiago, MSPH, Humberto Guzmán-Pérez, MD and Néstor Ramos-Alconini, MD

Isolated Rectus Femoris Muscle Tear in a Non-Athletic Patient: A Case Report
Authors: Emanuel Rivera Rosado, MD and Antonio Soler Salas, MD

Management of Open Tibial Shaft Fractures: Does the Timing of Surgery Affect Outcomes?
Authors: Oscar A. Duyos, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Ariel Dávila-Parrilla, MD, José Carlos Pérez-López, MD, Krystal Ortiz, BS, Christian Foy-Parrilla, MD and Francisco López-González, MD

Radial Head Ingrowth Anatomic Implant Versus Smooth Stem Monoblock Implant in Acute Terrible Triad Injury: A Prospective Comparative Study
Authors: David Rodríguez-Quintana, MD, David Beatón-Comulada, MD, Natalie Rodríguez-Quintana, MPH and Francisco López-González, MD

Research Publications 2014-2015

A Traumatic Bilateral Femoral Neck Fractures in a Healthy Premenopausal Female with Hypovitaminosis D
Authors: Giovanni Paraliticci, MD, David Rodríguez Quintana, MD Ariel Dávila, MD and Antonio Otero-López, MD

Does Injection Site Matter? A Randomized Controlled Trial to Evaluate Different Entry Site Efficacy of Knee Intra-articular Injections
Authors: Ariel Dávila-Parrilla, MD, Borja Santaella-Santé, MD and Antonio Otero-López, MD

Knee Avascular Necrosis in HIV Patient
Authors: Víctor R. Ortiz Declet, MD and Antonio Soler Salas, MD

Research Publications 2013-2014

Ewing Sarcoma Superimposed on a Previous Osteochondroma in Multiple Osteochondromatosis
Authors: Pablo A. Marrero Barrera, MD and Pablo V. Marrero Ortíz, MD

Fingertip Reconstruction with the “Shark Mouth” Incision Thenar Flap: Analysis of Outcomes in Pediatric Patients
Authors: Manuel García Ariz, MD, Antonio Otero López, MD, Ernesto R. Otero López, MD, Beatriz García, MD, Pablo A. Marrero Barrera, MD and Samuel Fernández, MS

The Use of a Fibular Strut Allograft with DBM, Cancellous Chips, and BMP for a 10 cm Humeral Shaft Infected Non-Union: A Case Report
Authors: Pedro J. Reyes Martínez, MD and Pablo A. Marrero Barrera, MD

Research Publications 2012-2013

Synchronous Multicentric Osteosarcoma in Puerto Rico: A Pediatric Case Report
Authors: Marie Bernadine Hidalgo, MD, Gloria Colón, MD, Eduardo Colón, MD and Juan Bibiloni, MD

Research Publications 2011-2012

Hemostatic Matrix Application After Open Synovectomy in a Hemophilic Patient
Authors: Manuel García Ariz , MD, Omar Pérez-Carrasquillo, MS, Charles E. Zierenberg, MD, Jorge Cheleuitte, MD, Jhon A. Guerra, MD and Pedro J .Santiago-Borrero, MD

Research Publications 2009-2010

Arbona System Reengineered in the Garcia-Ariz Model: A National Health Reform Plan from an Orthopedics Program Perspective
Authors: Manuel García Ariz, MD, Enrique García-Peña, MD, Víctor Hernández-Polo, MD, Franz Pino-Delgado, MD and Omar Pérez-Carrillo, MD