The Laboratory of Parasite Immunology and Pathology is located in the 6th floor of the Medical Sciences Campus (Dr. Guillermo Arbona-Irizarry Bldg.) School of Medicine, Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Suite A-617, at the Puerto Rico Medical Center Grounds.  This laboratory is certified by the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID/DAIDS) for AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and participate in College of American Pathologists (CAP) proficiency program.

It also has been validated and certified by the Virology Quality Assurance (VQA) a contracted company by DAIDS to provide quality assurance support to all laboratories performing virology assays for DAIDS protocols.


Working Hours

The regular working hours are from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday.


Services Offered

A. Clinical Immunology & Virology:

1. Cell Phenotyping by flow cytometry CD subsets:
CBC, CD4, CD8, CD3, CD19, CD4, CD8, CSF differential

Additional cell phenotyping combinations are available under special request; call for price.

2. COBAS® AmpliPrep/COBAS® TaqMan® HIV-1 Test*
Amplification test for the quantitation of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 (HIV-1) RNA in human plasma.

3. HIV-1 Viral culture (Quantitative PBMC Microculture Assay)*
HIV-1 Viral culture (Qualitative, Microculture)*
HIV-1 Viral culture (Qualitative PBMC Macroculture Assay)*
*Note:  This laboratory is certified for HIV-1 viral culture by the NIAID for AIDS Clinical Trial Groups (ACTG).

4. Zika Virus Test (PCR and MAC-ELISA)

B. Special Services for ACTG participants:

1. Storage of serum/plasma/urine (-80°c) / patient sample of each additive
(Ex. EDTA, ACD), same day.  EDTA, ACD, HEP, Fluoride Oxalate (gray)

2. PBMC processing – Storage of cells / patient sample of each additive. Without culture

3. Processing for Serum or Plasma collection. No storage

4. Shipping per “average” sized container.

5. Intensive PK (pharmacokinetic sample)

6. Storage of dry cell pellet for DNA PCR. (-80°c)

C. Body Fluids

1. Processing and Storage

D. Saliva

1. Processing and storage including Orasure device

E. Tests for Reference Laboratory (Lab Corp)

Calcium, Serum

HIV 1/2 Supplemental Ab Test

HIV GeneSeq, Genotype

Panels 005462, Western Blot

Panel 083935…HIV EIA

Panel 162130, DNA PCR

PhenoSense GT (R) (phenotype)

PTH, Intact

RNA Qualitative

RNA, Real Time PCR (Graph)

RNA, Real Time PCR (Graph)

RNA, Real Time PCR (Non-Graph)

Vitamin D, 25-Hydroxy


Additional tests as required by the new protocols


Laboratory Staff and Contact Information


Name                                                             Phone


Diana Negrón, MD, FCAP, FASCP               (787) 758-2525 ext. 1338

Laboratory Director


Maricelis Soler                                              (787) 758-2525 ext. 1616

Asisstant Director


Carmen Irizarry del Toro                              (787) 758-5815

Medical Technologist


Tina M. Vázquez Rosado                              (787) 758-5815

Medical Technologist


Vilma Corres Ubiñas                                    (787) 758-5815

Medical Technologist


Waleska Hernández Rivera                          (787) 758-5815

Medical Technologist



Laboratory Accreditation


Health Care Financing Administration (CLIA Certificate #40D0658324)

Puerto Rico Department of Health (Lic. 596)