Duration of Rotation:  Four weeks


The Transfusion Medicine (Blood Bank) Program is a component of the hematology-oncology fellowship training and is highly clinically oriented.  The goal is to produce a specialist who possesses the competencies and skills to cope with the problems presented by everyday in-patient and outpatient transfusion medicine practice.  The resident will develop familiarity with clinical problems and insight into the needs of the clinicians as they relate to transfusion medicine.

The residents also are encouraged to initiate special reading, laboratory service and/or research projects and to document and/or publish their findings, when appropriate.  The preparation of a lecture on transfusion medicine is required.

Laboratory bench work will be provided in the Transfusion Service (ASEM) and ASEM Blood Bank.  Case presentation, rounds, and regular conferences will be held.  There is emphasis in the knowledge of immunohematology, blood collection, processing of blood and blood components, storage and shipment, apheresis, transfusion of blood and components, adverse effects of donor and recipient and the quality assurance program.


Faculty in charge  :         Dr. Román Vélez and Dr. Consuelo Climent