Third & Four Year Students with Projects:

Karl Bosque 

Project: Decreased Hyperpolarization-activated Cation Current (Ih): a Response Mechanism to Reduce Cocaine-induced Excitability in VTA DA Neurons.
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Jiménez


Cristhian Calo

Project Title: Effects of intermittent cocaine self-administration on H-current of VTA dopaminergic neurons
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Jiménez


Xavier Chapa

Project Title: The regulation of mitochondria mediated death signaling in cardiac cells
Mentor: Dr. Sabzali Javadov


Daisy Consuegra

Project Title: Epigenetic regulation of h-current in VTA dopaminergic neurons in cocaine sensitized rats.
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Jiménez


Jaime Freire-Arvelo

Project Title
: Effects of anabolic steroids and cocaine on the brain reward circuit and reproductive system of male rats
Mentor: Dr. Annabell C. Segarra


Carmen Pérez-Pérez

Project Title: The Bioenergetic Response to Alkylation DNA Damage: Implications to Liver Carcinogenesis”
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Torres


Carlos J. Rivero

Project Title: Effects of anabolic steroids and cocaine on the brain reward circuit and reproductive system of female rats.
Mentor: Dr. Annabell C. Segarra


Keishla Rodríguez

Project Title: The role of mitochondrial permeability transition pore (mPTP) opening in OPA1-mediated mitochondrial quality control under oxidative stress.
Mentor: Dr. Sabzali Javadov


Marie Roman-Martínez

Project Title
: Vascular Effects of Dantrolene and Nimodipine in Type-I in diabetic rats
Mentor:  Dr. Maria J. Crespo


First & Second Year Students in the MS Program:




           Cindy M. López Hernández                             Luis H. Pagán Rivera


Sabrina L. Correa Rivera



Viviana González Colón                                      Valeria C. Villarin Ayala



Recently Graduates (2016-2020):

Bermary Santos
Project Title: Hyperpolarization-activated cation current channel subunits HCN2 and HCN4: Role on cocaine behavioral sensitization
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Jiménez

Namyr Martínez
Project Title: Caveolin-1 regulates P2Y2 receptor signaling in human 1321N1 astrocytoma cells
Mentor: Dr. Walter I. Silva

Ana Del Carmen Vaquer-Alicea
Project Title: Role of atypical PKC isoforms in cocaine-evoked plasticity
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Jiménez

Jennifer Colón
Project Title: Tamoxifen-mediated recovery after spinal cord injury is sex and time dependent
Mentor: Dr. Jorge D. Miranda

Cristina Román
Project Title: Cannabinoid Receptor 2 function: Ligand-Dependent trafficking, signaling and cellular expression
Mentor: Dr. Guillermo Yudowski; Co-Mentor: Dr. Jorge D. Miranda

Rebeca Nuñez
Project Title: Angiotensin II and cardioprotection in young and aged rats
Mentor: Dr. Nelson Escobales

Adlin Rodríguez
Project Title: Role of Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonuclease 1 in Protecting Mouse Liver from Alkylation Damage
Mentor: Dr. Carlos Torres

Rebeca Parodi
Project Title: Role of acetylation of mitochondrial proteins in cardiac dysfunction induced by ischemia-reperfusion
Mentor: Dr. Sabzali Javadov

Nilmary Grafals
Project Title: Targeting microRNAs in brain tumors with oligonucleotide-nanoparticle conjugates.
Mentor: Dr. Pablo Vivas; Co-Mentor: Dr. Jorge D. Miranda

Magdiel Martínez Alicea
Project Title: The P2Y2 Receptor-Caveolin 1 interaction in 1321N1 astrocytoma cells: Roles in cell growth and injury.
Mentor: Dr. Walter I. Silva

Enrique Pérez-Cardona
Project Title: Effects of isolation and exercise on addictive behaviors of adolescent rats
Mentor: Dr. Annabell Segarra