The Department facilities are housed in the Medical Sciences Campus building, with ancillary facilities in the Institute of Neurobiology, the Caribbean Primate Center, and affiliated hospitals. These facilities house research and teaching laboratories, faculty offices, lecture rooms, and specialized libraries. Among the Physiology Department research facilities are the Cellular and Molecular Biology core facility that contains thermocyclers, hybridization ovens, gel documentation system, gel dryer and speed vac equipment, electrophoresis running systems, shakers, chemical hood, -80oC freezers and others. In addition, a surgery suite fully equipped to perform survival surgery in adult animals. The department also prepared a room with 12 computers connected to the internet, as well as all the computers in each research laboratory. Finally, a dark and cold rooms are among the facilities frequently used by personnel of the Physiology department. A system of core laboratories in the Medical Sciences Campus serves the needs of several departments. Facilities for electron microscopy, cell sorting, protein sequencing, PCR, atomic absortion, human genetics, dual wave length spectophotometers, flow cytometry and image analysis are available. The Animal Resource Center has been recently renovated and is AALAC accredited. A central library serves the general needs of the academic community, and there are linkages with other local and national libraries. The library is subscribed to several scientific journals via the internet, and the articles are fully available to the graduate students. Students are granted access to any of the various resources needed to carry out their research program.