Physiology Seminar Series

Program 2022

Speaker: Valeria Villarin, PhD. student
Advisor: Dr. Sabzali Javadov
Title: The contribution of different cell death mechanisms to cardiac ischemia-reperfusion injury.
Date: 11-10-22

Speaker: Luis H. Pagan Rivera, PhD. student
Advisor: Dr. Jorge Miranda
Title: How microbiota transplantation improves locomotor recovery.
Date: 06-28-22

Speaker: Joseph Capella, Ph.D. student
Advisor: Dr. Carlos Jimenez
Title: Chronic hyperglycemia impairs hippocampal neurogenesis and memory in an Alzheimer’s disease mouse model.
Date: 05-12-22

Speaker: Viviana Gonzalez, Ph.D. student
Advisor: Dr. Jorge Miranda
Title: Regenerating the Injured Spinal Cord at the Chronic Phase by Engineered iPSCs-Derived 3D Neuronal Networks.
Date: 04-21-22

Speaker: Sabrina Correa, Ph.D. student
Advisor: Dr. Carlos Torres
Title: Mitochondrial Dynamics in Health and Disease
Date: 02-24-22

Program 2021

Date: February11
Cristhian G. Calo
Title: “Intermittent Cocaine Self-Administration Reduces H-current in Putative Dopaminergic Neurons of The Ventral Tegmental Area”
Advisor: Dr. C. Jiménez

Date: March 4
Daisy Consuegra
Title: ‘HDACi reverts cocaine-induced VTA-DA cell neuroadaptations”
Advisor: Dr. C. Jiménez

Date: April 22
Valeria C. Villarin
Advisor: Dr. S. Javadov

Date: April 29
Viviana González
Title: “Opioids and Emotions”
Advisor: Dr. A Segarra

Date: May 6
Sabrina L. Correa
Title“Gender differences in Anxiety: Role of Sex Steroids”
Advisor: Dr. A. Segarra

Date: May 13
Luis H. Pagan
Title: “The role of Caveolin-1 in cancer progression and its potential capacity as biomarker”
Advisor: Dr. W. Silva

In addition, our graduate students and faculty participates in the interdepartmental and RISE seminar series on Tuesdays at 12:00n in the amphitheater located in the 6th floor.