• The Office of Student Affairs of the School of Medicine offers Counseling and Psychology Services:
    • School of Medicine (Medical Students and Graduate Program of Biomedical Sciences), Associate Dean of Student Affairs, Student Performance Component Hispanic Center of Excellence (HCOE),
      • Namir Jordán Díaz, Clinical Psychologist: jordan@upr.edu ; ext. 5526
      • Professor Ángeles Martínez Vélez, LCSW, CTF, Certified Coach: martinez@upr.edu ; ext. 2032


    Student Center for Counseling and Psychology (CECSi)

    • Carlos Cañuelas, Counselor and Director: carlos.canuelas1@upr.edu
    • Dra Sandra Santori, Psychologist: sandra.santori@upr.edu
    • Professor Maribel Pagán, Counselor: pagan4@upr.edu


    • The Service will be offered during business hours- 8:00 am –4: 00 pm New cases can request the service to the emails of a crisis or emergency the student must be referred or must be mobilized to an Emergency Room or contact the PAS help line at 1 (800) 981-0023 or through the PAS line application. http://cecsi.rcm.upr.edu/telefonos-y-enlaces-de-interes/


    Counseling and Support to Residents and Fellows Physicians of Graduate Medical Education

    • Professor Ángeles Martínez Vélez LCSW, CTF, Certified Coach, Director, Counseling and Support Program, Residents and Fellows, Institutional Coordinator, martinez@upr.edu ; ext. 2032