Social activity among peers, in the university community and in the hospital is one of the important tools to strengthen the academic and emotional area of ​​students and residents.

  • Med-Challenge
    • Activities and all the games they play during that week.
  • Padrinos y Madrinas Program (First and Second Year Medicine Students)
  • Table tennis
  • The wellness corner located in the “Pecera”
  • Programs, Associations or Interest Groups of students and residents
    • Mental Health Association (ASAME)
    • American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA) RCM Chapter
    • Ophtalmology Interest Group
    • Student Interest Group in Obstretics in Ginecology
    • Family Medicine Interest Group Medical Sciences Campus (FMIG-RCM)
    • Medical Student Pride Alliance RCM (MSPA RCM)
    • Anesthesiology Interest Group (AIG)
    • H.O.L.A. Hispanic Organization for Language Adquisition
    • American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
    • Association of Students at the Service of the Community (AESCO)
    • Emergency Medicine Interest Group
    • UPR RCM Microbiology Chapter
    • Student Association of Pediatrics
    • PM & R Interest Group
    • Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group
    • Med Peds Interest Group
    • Graduate Women in Science, PR Chapter
    • Surgery Interest Group (SIG)
    • Ear, Nose and Throat Interest Group
    • Narrative S. Paullative Medicine Interest Group
    • ACP Internal Medicine Interest Group
    • Community Reintegration Medical Association
    • Regenerative Medicine Interest Group
    • CHOSEN: Asociación Estudiantil Elegidos para Servir
    • Medical Student Pro Education (MSPE)
    • Student Interest Group in Neurology
    • Urology Interest Group
    • Gastroenterology Interest Group
    • AANS Student Chapter-RCM Medical Sciences Campus
    • Oncology Interest Group
    • Dermatology Interest Group




Therapy Dogs