Thank you for your interest in our Internal Medicine Residency program at University of Puerto Rico.  Our mission is to promote human health by setting the standard of excellence in medical education.  The Internal Medicine residency was founded in 1961.  We are proud of our longstanding tradition creating leaders in the broad field of Internal Medicine.  The University of Puerto Rico Internal Medicine program is designed to prepare you for any career in Internal Medicine.  We are committed to providing an appealing learning through the exposure to a wide array clinical scenarios and research opportunities.  I firmly believe that our program has several aspects that set us from the rest.   One of them is our outstanding first taker-passing grade in the American Board of Internal Medicine.  Another important aspect that set us apart is the autonomy that we provide to our resident.  Faculty and resident makes medical decisions together, in that way we provide you with the tools for the next steps in your professional career.


Arelis Febles Negrón, MD
Director, Internal Medicine Residency Training Program
Department of Internal MedicineSchool of Medicine
Medical Science Campus
University of Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 365067
San Juan, PR 00935