What is like to be one of our Residents?

“Since my first day as an intern, I felt like I was part of a family. At times, it can be emotionally challenging and you may feel exhausted, but you always feel like you have the support of an amazing group of residents and faculty. What can be more exciting than being able to help patients while having a learning experience each second of the day, and not knowing what will come next?”

Alexandra Deyá, PGY3

“I am proud of being part of the big family of the UPR Internal Medicine Program. We have an excellent academic program but also are exposed to a diversity of pathologies and critically ill patients with multiple co-morbidites. All of this without leaving behind the medical indigent population.”

Fátima Cintrón, PGY4

Things to do in Puerto Rico:


  1.  Old San Juan
  2.  Cave Window in Arecibo
  3. Isla Verde
  4. Condado


  1. El Yunque National Rainforest
  2. Culebra Island via Fajardo Ferry Terminal
  3. Vieques Island via Fajardo Ferry Terminal


  1.   Saltworks in Cabo Rojo
  2.   Rincon Light House


  1.  Caja de Muertos
  2.  The Guancha in Ponce