Carlos A. Jiménez-Rivera, Associate Professor

Associate Professor – Department of Physiology
Ph.D. University of New Mexico- School of Medicine, 1986
(787)758-2525 x1676

Research Interests

My laboratory is interested in the role of the central norepinephrine’s (NE) system in cocaine addiction and epilepsy. Our recent work investigates the role of the NE system in the development of cocaine sensitization, a progressive and lasting enhancement in the motor stimulant effect induced by a subsequent drug challenge. Experiments include the use of animal models, western blots, systemic and iontophoretic administration of NE agonists and antagonists together with in vivo electrophysiological recordings. Whole cell patch clamp neurophysiologic recording techniques in in vitro brain slices are also employed to understand the basic biophysical mechanisms of cocaine addiction. The completion of these investigations will provide important information of whether a dysfunction of NE’s modulatory properties is an important factor in the development of cocaine addiction and could suggest possible avenues for therapeutic pharmacological interventions.

Selected Publications

  • Jiménez-Rivera, C.A., Segarra, O., Jiménez, Z., and Waterhouse, B. (2000). Effects of intravenous cocaine administration on cerebellar Purkinje cell activity. European Journal of Pharmacology 407: 91-100

  • Almodovar L., Segarra, O., N. Colon, J.G. Dones, M. Mercado, C.A., Meíias-Aponte, R. Vazquez, R. Abreu, E. Vazquez, J.T. Williams and C.A. Jimenez-Rivera, (2002). Effects of Cocaine Administration on VTA Cell Activity in Response to Pre-Frontal Cortex Stimulation. Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 965:157-171.

  • Mejías-Aponte C.A., Jiménez-Rivera, C.A., Segarra, A.C. Sex differences in temporal lobe seizures: the role of testosterone. Brain Research 944:210-218, (2002).

  • Febo, M., Jiménez-Rivera, C.A., Segarra, A.C. Estrogen and opioids interact to modulate the locomotor response to cocaine in the female rat. Brain Research 943: 151-161 (2002).

  • Jiménez-Rivera, C.A., M. Feliu-Mojer and R. Vazquez-Torres. Alpha noradrenergic receptors modulate the development and expression of cocaine sensitization. Ann.N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1074:390-402 (2006).

  • Ortiz J.G., S. Gonzalez-Cabrera, M. Rubio-Davila, A. Tirado-Costacamps,R. Vazquez-Torres, N. Berrios-Cartagena, W.I.Silva and C.A. Jimenez-Rivera. AMPA and NMDA receptors in P2 fractions of cocaine and cocaine-prazosin-treated rats. Ann.N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1074:403-410 (2006).