Dr. Carlos A. Jiménez Rivera

Associate Professor
Dr. Carlos A. Jiménez Rivera

Contact Info

  • Office A-688, Lab A-686

    School of Medicine
    University of Puerto Rico
    Medical Sciences Campus
    P.O. Box 365067
    San Juan, PR 00936-5067

  • (787)758-2525 x1676


  • B.S. 1979, Biology, University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, PR 
  • Ph.D.  1986, Physiology, University of New Mexico School of Medicine 
  • Post-Doc 1989, Neuropharmacology, Hahnemann University, Philadelphia, PA


My laboratory is interested in the role of the central norepinephrine’s (NE) system in cocaine addiction and epilepsy. Our recent work investigates the role of the NE system in the development of cocaine sensitization, a progressive and lasting enhancement in the motor stimulant effect induced by a subsequent drug challenge. Experiments include the use of animal models, western blots, systemic and iontophoretic administration of NE agonists and antagonists together with in vivo electrophysiological recordings. Whole cell patch clamp neurophysiologic recording techniques in in vitro brain slices are also employed to understand the basic biophysical mechanisms of cocaine addiction. The completion of these investigations will provide important information of whether a dysfunction of NE’s modulatory properties is an important factor in the development of cocaine addiction and could suggest possible avenues for therapeutic pharmacological interventions.


Ana Vacquer Alicea, Ph.D. 2017

Bermary Santos Vera, Ph.D. 2016

Francisco Arencibia Albite, Ph.D. 2013

María C. Velázquez Martínez, Ph.D. 2013

María E. Vélez Hernández, Ph.D. 2012



Cristhian Calo Guadalupe(2024-expected)

Joseph Capella Muñiz (2026-expected)

Undergraduate students

Omaris Vélez Acevedo

Miguel Rodríguez

Alison Santos



Scientific Collaborators

UPR, MSC, School of Medicine

  • Department of Anatomy:Mark Miller, PhD

UPR, RRP, Natural Sciences

University of Illinois Medical School

  • Physiology Departmente: Mark Brodie, Ph.D.

University of Bordeaux, France

  • Institut des Maladies Neurodegeneratives: Francois Georges, PhD

Universidad Central del Caribe

  • Department of Physiology: Priscila Sanabria, PhD

Universidad de Puerto Rico, Río Piedras, PR

  • Department of Chemistry: Lisandro Cunci, PhD
  • Biology Department: Alfredo Ghezzi, PhD


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