Osvaldo Cajigas

Osvaldo Cajigas Rosario, MHSA
Interim Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs

Welcome to the School of Medicine’s Office of the Associate Dean for Administrative Affairs. Our office plays a crucial role in supporting the administrative functions overseen by the associate deans and departments of our School. Committed to upholding the highest standards of administrative management, we ensure that all transactions, contracts, and activities conducted by various entities within the School adhere to the essential protocols and institutional requirements.

In addition to our core responsibilities, we are dedicated to developing comprehensive staff training programs in administrative practices and promoting wellness initiatives in alignment with the School of Medicine’s Strategic Plan for 2024-2029. By fostering a culture of continuous improvement and professional development, we aim to empower our workforce and enhance organizational effectiveness.

Our team actively assists in preparing annual budgets for departments and collaborates closely with the associate deaneries to integrate these budgets into the overall School budget. This comprehensive budget is then submitted to the Chancellor’s Office for review. Furthermore, we collaborate on reports for organizations such as MSCHE, AAMC, and LCME, contributing to institutional transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

If you need any assistance with administrative matters, please contact us at (787)758-2525, ext. 1860, or visit us at office A-879 in the Guillermo Arbona Building at UPR School of Medicine. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you and collaborate on any administrative challenges or opportunities that may arise.