The UPR School of Medicine aspires to: Excel as the leader in medical and biomedical education, research, and health care services in Puerto Rico.


The mission of the UPR School of Medicine is to:

  • Educate diverse, competent, and humane physicians and researchers.
  • Conduct research that positively impacts science and health.
  • Provide high quality interdisciplinary healthcare and educational services in Puerto Rico.


The University of Puerto Rico School of Medicine is committed to:
  • ·EXCELLENCE: the essence of the academic life and the basis of our work so that we can be recognized as leaders.
  • ·INTEGRITY: in all university processes and activities.
  • ·RESPECT: in the search of knowledge, justice, liberty, equality, and dignity.
  • ·COMMITMENT: with ethical, humanistic, and professional principles.
  • ·RESILIENCE: to adapt to unpredictable changing environments.
  • ·INNOVATION: in the generation of ideas, in the development of new knowledge, in the search for solutions, and the decision-making process.
  • ·ETHICS AND PROFESSIONALISM: characterized by interprofessional collaboration, flexibility, and acceptance for diversity.
  • ·HUMANISM: in the demonstration of sensibility towards the needs of those we serve in the community.