Welcome the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the University of Puerto Rico Newsletter.  It is our objective to provide useful information about our services, the conditions we treat and the people who compose our team.

As an academic institution, we aim to educate the health care professionals of tomorrow as well as expand our knowledge of the conditions which affect our population.

The Department is currently offering services at the University District Hospital in the Puerto Rico Medical Center and in the University of Puerto Rico Hospital in Carolina.  In addition, we provide clinical services in the following areas: General Obstetrics, High Risk Obstetrics, Maternal-Fetal Medicine, General Gynecology, Female Pelvic Surgery, Urogynecology, Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, Lower Genital Tract Disease and Gynecologic Oncology.  We are committed to excellence in our multi-tiered mission of education, patient care and research.  For this mission, we rely on our team of dedicated faculty members who continue to provide guidance, innovation and support to our future generations.

We have an extremely active ACGME accredited residency, which has graduated over 310 obstetrician/gynecologists.  Our graduates go on to pursue careers both in Puerto Rico and the US mainland, spanning all the subspecialties in our discipline.

We are committed to continued growth while at the same time provide excellent education and service to our population.

Dr. Fidel Santos