General Objectives

  • To recognize the importance of research in the medical community and patient care.
  • To discuss the criteria for selecting a research question.
  • To identify the steps to design a research proposal.
  • To develop strategies for literature review.
  • To understand the different epidemiological studies and designs.
  • To understand the ethical and legal issues regarding research with human subjects including minors, minorities, women, and pregnant females.
  • To acquire the skills needed to submit a proposal successfully to the Institutional Review Board and the Privacy Board.
  • To understand the basics of epidemiology and biostatistics in research.
  • To acquire the skills to present effectively the results of a research project.
  • To discuss the process of publishing a manuscript in the medical literature.

1rst year residents – STEP 1

During the first year the resident must have selected an obstetric / gynecologic issue relevant to our population and formulate a preliminary research question.

In order to accomplish that, the resident must elaborate a written preliminary proposal addressing each of the following:

  • Review relevant medical literature
  • Elaborate the purpose of the study
  • Address the questions related to relevance, feasibility, and ethics of the study
  • Identify the research faculty mentor
  • Elaborate a timetable

The resident must take the Human Subjects Protection (IRB), HIPAA Research Trainings and the Good Clinical Practice using online e-mail address by September 20th of your first year. An email account of the medical sciences campus is a requirement for the first month of your residency. An IRB account should be available for your use during the first month of your first year.

The deadline to submit the preliminary proposal will be January 31st of the first year. A letter of support from the faculty mentor must be included. Evidence of IRB account is required with the proposal. Resident without a preliminary proposal by deadline will be assigned a research project.

2nd year residents – STEP 2

During the second year the resident must:

  • Formulate the formal research question
  • Choose the research design
  • Address the following methodological aspects: sample, develop a measurement instrument and answer questions related to external and internal validity
  • Submit the research proposal to the Institutional Review Board and Privacy Board

During the second semester the resident must work during the first semester with data collection and meet regularly with the mentor. A progress report must be submitted on May 1, of the second year. The deadline to submit the proposal with evidence of submission to the IRB and Privacy Board will be August, 31st of the second year.

3rd year residents – STEP 3

During the third year the resident must work during the first semester with data collection and analysis, and meet regularly with the mentor. The resident will complete the analysis of the data and will make a formal oral and poster presentation of the research project to be presented at RCM Annual research Forum.

The project will also be handed in written form (manuscript) prior to the last day of the academic year.

It is a requirement for promotion to complete the research tasks for each academic year. It is a requirement for promotion to the 4th year to do both, the oral presentation and the submission to publication.

Case reports will NOT be accepted unless they provide new information or new insights to the diagnosis or management of an important issue in Ob-Gyn.

Evidence of training in IRB and HIPAA, Preliminary proposal, Mentor letter Formal proposal, IRB approval, Privacy Board approval Data Collection
Progress report on status of research
Research presentation Poster – RCM
Research Week
Research presentation
Grand Round
Manuscript Submission to Journal
for publication
1st year residents



2nd year residents



3rd year residents