The Office of Evaluation and Research on Medical Education is divided in three principal tasks:


This area is responsible of collecting and providing information about students, courses, clerkships and faculty. With this information the School is able to make decisions that are grounded in an evidence-base system. For this purpose the Office is instrumental in:

  • Collaborating with faculty on test correction and grades reporting.
  • Developing and implementing procedures and producing reports that provide feedback from students on courses and clerkships.
  • Developing and implementing procedures and producing reports that provide feedback about faculty performance, based on student experience.
  • Providing guidance and expertise to the faculty who desire to engage in the evaluation of projects and courses.
  • Working with the Assessment Committee to monitor and revise policies and evaluation instruments for the assessment of students, faculty and courses.
  • Working with the Curriculum Committee, producing reports and providing information that is the basis of ongoing quality improvement and evaluation of courses and faculty.


The Office conducts research to provide up to date information and understand better the Medical Education.
The principal areas of research are:

  • Evaluation research linking student performance and outcomes to develop and enrich the process of evaluation on Medical Education in the School of Medicine.
  • Effectiveness of educational methods
  • Learning experiences
  • Integration of Instructional technology
  • Cognitive and non cognitive factors that correlates with academic improvement

Also the Office is in charge of the Student Data Base that has integrated the student’s files in an electronic format. Office personnel maintain this Data Base on daily basis.


The Office is in charge of maintaining an internal Registrar System and provide student’s grades that will be entered in the Student Data Base.
The specific tasks of this area are:

  • Receive student’s grades from faculty.
  • Revise student’s grades and send them to the Registrar Office.
  • Provide information about student’s academic status to the Promotion Committees
  • Calculate student’s grades averages that will be used for the Graduation and Awards Committee.
  • Maintain an academic student’s files.