Technical Standards for Medical School Admission, Retention, Promotion and Graduation

Overview Schools of Medicine face the challenge to provide their students with the necessary updated scientific knowledge available, while at the same time guide them toward the acquisition of the skills and abilities, attitudes and behaviors needed for the profession. This process of medical education markedly differs from the educational process in other fields precisely…

MD Program

MD – Requirements for Admission – Revised August 2023 MD – Checklist for New Applicants – August 2023 MD – Recommendation Letter Online *MD – Portfolio Online *The Portfolio must include a Personal Statement.

Doctor of Medicine (MD Program)

MD Program The curriculum of the program leading to the Doctor of Medicine degree is designed following the trends of modern medical education and takes into consideration the health needs of the community. It is divided into two major components: two years of required basic sciences (pre-clinical years) and two years of clinical clerkships and…

Admission Requirements

The minimum requirements for admission are: A Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent (as determined by the Registrar’s Office) with a grade index of at least 3.00 overall and 3.00 in science subjects (on a 4.00 scale). A working knowledge of both English and Spanish. Graduate Record examination scores, general and advanced. Letters of recommendation; two…

MD Program Admission Application Documents

Some of these documents are provided in Acrobat “PDF” format. Acrobat Reader is required to view these documents. Uniform Application Form for the Medical Sciences Campus Instructions and Pre-medical Evaluation form (PDF) *** AAMC: Responsibilities of Medical School Applicants (PDF) ***Print this document 3 times