A student who fully satisfies the requirements and is admitted to the program, becomes a regular student. If the student lacks some of the less critical requirements, he may be admitted as a special student for one semester. Failure to satisfy the missing requirements during the first calendar semester automatically disqualifies the student from the program for this reason may reapply; however, he must have satisfied the missing requirements before his new application is considered. Under very special circumstances a student who has a grade index of less than 3.00 may be admitted as a conditional student for one semester. This can only be done upon recommendation of the Department and approval of the Graduate Committee when evidence other than his average indicates that the student is qualified. The conditional student must show his capacity for graduate work by compiling at least a 3.OO grade average during the conditional semester. At the end of the conditional semester the student must pass to special or regular status, or is barred from the program.Although special students are eligible for financial assistance from the Graduate School, conditional students are not.

No one may be enrolled in the Graduate Program as a regular, special or conditional graduate student without approval of the Graduate Committee.