Computers, networks (including wireless networks) and electronic information systems are essential resources to achieve the University of Puerto Rico’s mission of education, research, and extension of services. The University grants members of the university community shared access to these resources as well as local, national and international sources of information -as support to achieve the mission of the University. These resources are very valuable to the community and should be used and managed responsibly to ensure their integrity, security and availability for appropriate educational, research, service, and other activities of the institution. It requires users to use IT resources efficiently, effectively and responsibly; in a way that does not affect the quality, punctuality or delivery of a person’s work to the University, nor be an obstacle for the rest of the community to carry out their work for the University.

At the University of Puerto Rico, great value is given, freedom of expression is fostered, supported and protected, and an open environment for learning and sharing information. Censorship is incompatible with the goals of a higher education institution. Research and education are manifested in various ways. Therefore, the information that is accessible in the available electronic sources may not be restricted by censorship, provided that such information is not limited by any law or regulation and is used for legal purposes. The University will promote the appropriate use of technology, mainly through education, to promote the responsible management of technology and the information to which it is accessed.

Access to the infrastructure of information resources, both inside and outside the campus of the University, the sharing of information and the security of intellectual production, all require that each user personally assume the responsibility of protecting the rights of the community. Users should be aware that acts performed through the use of information technology will be subject to the same standards as any other action in the workplace. The University will diligently handle all violations of any law or policy of the University.

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