New Equipment in the Gross Anatomy Dissection Laboratory

The Office of the Dean of Medicine recently provided a grant to the Department of Anatomy & Neurobiology to buy and install sound and video projection equipment in the gross anatomy dissection laboratory. Thanks to this grant, the lab is now equipped with a video camera (provided by the CIT), projectors, screens and sound speakers in each of its subsections and the adjoining locker room, that allow all Medicine I students to simultaneously view faculty demonstrations of dissected specimens during class and review sessions, as well as presentations of radiological material by residents and faculty of the Radiology Department. In the past, this type of presentations could be viewed directly only by small groups of students, which meant not all had equal access, or faculty and residents needed to repeat them several times, something that was often not possible. The new system, which will also be available for specialized workshops and training sessions for graduate students, residents and medical faculty, represents a major enhancement of hands-on techniques in the teaching of anatomy.