The Graduate Faculty regards study in residence as essential. Residence implies full time dedication to graduate studies. It is considered that a graduate student needs the acquaintance, company, aid, and stimulus of others engaged in work like his own; he should form the habit of attending lectures and meetings of groups in whose activities he takes an interest. And he should be able to take full advantage of the libraries, laboratories and other facilities of the University. For a Master’s degree the student must be in residence for at least one calendar year at the University of Puerto Rico. For a Doctor’s degree two calendar years are required.If the M.S. degree is taken at this campus only one additional year of residence is required for the Ph.D. This rule may also apply to students with M.S. degree obtained at other campuses of the University Puerto Rico, subject to approval of the student’s Department and the Graduate Committee.

It is expected that each student will dedicate full-time effort to his research for at least a year.