Cardiovascular Center for Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Dr. Ramon Suarez Calderon

The Cardiovascular Center opens its door to provide services to Puerto Rico and the Caribbean in 1992. The Hospital is localized in the premises of the Puerto Rico Medical Center in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The hospital has it mission set on providing excellent quality services based on prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of cardiovascular conditions. It offers medical as well as surgical services to patients that attend the institution. Among the services provided are: EKG’s, stress tests, echocardiography, invasive procedures such as cardiac catheterism, pacemaker placement, angioplasty, cardiac transplantation, among others.

The hospital has a Pulmonary and Respiratory Laboratory, a non invasive cardiovascular laboratory, an invasive cardiovascular laboratory, a Nuclear Medicine Unit and a state of the art clinical laboratory. It also has an Emergency Room that gives care to urgent or emergent cardiovascular conditions to all referred as well as walk in patients.

This hospital provides care to adult as well as pediatric population. It houses an Intensive Care Unit that provides care for both adults and children. Faculty Members comprehend Adult Medicine, Pediatric Medicine and Surgical Medicine Specialists in the field of Cardiovascular Diseases and other support specialties. Its faculty is well qualified and trained to treat all arrays of categories of diseases including the most complicated cardiovascular diagnosis.